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How to tell that this person has an attention span of 3 seconds

(Well, at least, this is one of the ways)

Attention Span = 3 seconds
kitsch = 7afartli = amusingly appealing
Attention Span = 3 seconds
sketch on table
Attention Span = 3 seconds
Tumble tower
Let's play tumble tower


Keywords: Busy, Stress


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s university elections time!


  1. Must be some boring lecture!

  2. أشياء ملوتة معلقة بالسقف؟
    تلاوين و رسم؟ بلوكات خشب ملونة؟
    بتزكرني في الروضة :p
    شو هاي جامعة ولا KG?

    مش لو أحسن لو تزوجتي و قعدتي في بيت زوجك بدك الليبرال آرتس؟

  3. roba you are too cute!

  4. What’s it with the hand gesture in the 4th picture?

  5. Killer Bee Bop

    Yeah, the hand made me nod too …

    Bah, your faculty has always been a source of my envy; you smoke, eat, come in extremely late, heck, even walk in and out zayy ka2inha wakaaleh min gheir bawwaab, take pictures and laugh yer buttocks out in lectures (I have witnessed it myself, and not reporting what others told me ;))! I wish we had a slight resemblance of your kind of freedom (falataan actually :P) :(

    Thought it was “literally 30 seconds”, no? Anyway, mine is even shorter! :O

  6. Ziad D.

    I said it before and I will say it again: It is so surreal to see everyday life from someone else’s prespective. This is my favorite post genre. I don’t know why… but it is. Thanks.

  7. Do you wash those sneakers everyday Roba, or you have several pairs of them that you switch every other day!

    Seriously, I only find you so creative in photography! Nice ones ;)

  8. I had the same question: how do you keep your sneakers so clean!?!? Do you touch up the pics in Photoshop? Please say yes :(

  9. Scribbling your own name! A psychologist will have a field day with that one ;)

  10. Khalaf, lah wallah, it’s not really boring.. it’s just too long, from 8:00 AM till 11:30.. WAY too long.

    Firas, haha, you made me laugh. To clear things up though, “il ashya2 il mlawaneh” are courtsey of a professor from the architecture department who made us make them for our 3D Design class.. bleh it was a terrible experience.

    Linda, ya Linda, lol, thanks.

    Jameed, the table is full of other gestures. This is just the one in the picture. Bas wow 3ala il ashya2 il btentabeh 3aleiha 7adret janabak.

    Killer Bee Bop, haha, we’re the envy of evryone ;) Funoon rocks man! But it’s not as lax as you make it sound, we can’t really be late or leave and stuff.. but its cool, I love it. a

    Ziad D, good to know :) I was actually reluctant to post, thinking that its sooo pointless to post such a post.

    Hani, I actually don’t own any other pair of Converse sneakers- but I wear these very often as I only wear sneakers to school, and I only own two pairs of sneakers, so I’m in them almost all week.

    Mariam, haha, they’re not that clean. Ok, they’re not dirty either cause I scrub the white with Shout every now and then (I hate it when it gets dirty).

    Keko, bekafeena Iyas iwa2ef 3a kol da2ra ;) Who else’s name would I scribble? :P And hey, don’t you think my name looks cool when scribbled? :P

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