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The whole point of this post is that I will be sort of “gone” for a few weeks. I will not stop blogging because it is therapy to me, but just in case I don’t reply to emails Please don’t hate me. I’ll reply eventually I promise.

The only time I realize that I have way too much of a workload and that I’m really stressed is during the end of each semester. This blog has been documenting this fact during my past two years of blogging (which translates to 4 semesters), because after a keyword search for “busy” and “stress”, these are the results:

Semester 1, Sophomore Year:
Wednesday, January 12, 2005- Bury the Hatchet
“So the semester is almost over, and gladly so. Everyone at the moment seems to be extremely busy finishing projects, meeting deadlines, and studying for the after Eid finals. As for me, I still have a few things to do myself- three research papers due after Eid, a project due Sunday, a test on Sunday, 3 terribly long tests after Eid, and a 6-hour sit-down design test which I’m already panicking about.”

Semester 2, Sophomore Year: (particularly stressful!)
Sunday, May 01, 2005- On cops, pictures, and well… shoes
“Anyhow, it’s been a really bad month. I’m really stressed out with school work, I’m really anxious and anticipative for a few things, and I’m really pissed off at someone at the moment.”

Saturday, May 28, 2005- Freaking Out
“Project due in three days and I can’t find my colors!
My room is a black hole, a BLACK HOLE I’m telling you. Place something in there and it is lost forever. Forever.”

Wednesday, June 01, 2005- Creative Juices
“Yet another school year is almost done dropping down the drain, and it feels really good, especially since this term was extremely stressful with gazillion things to do. I say “almost” because teaching isn’t over until next week and because the tests didn’t even start, but when you’re doing what I’m doing, the real stress comes from the projects, the research papers, and the presentations. There is a lot of stress from the tests of course, and they’re actually not easy as most people imagine them to be(try learning all the history of art and all the weird foreign art terminology), but a test is a test- simple night-before cramming(I’m the crammer par excellence), and most importantly, no creative-juices squeezing required(Yay, now my creative juices can be left in peace for a little while to develop and grow… *mediate that thought*)”

Wednesday, June 01, 2005- Throwing up history
“It’s as if finals week is not bad enough, so team that up with 5 history courses- History of Islamic Art, History of the World, Art History, Art Aesthetics(mostly modern art history), and Art Terminology(like, every word has a history!)
Me can’t take it anymore…”

Semester 1, Junior Year:
Wednesday, January 12, 2005- Schizophrenia(and I learned how to say it Mr-you-know-who-you-are)
“I admit I’ve sort of been neglecting this space recently, and I’ll even admit I’ve been acting cuckoo every now and then, but it’s been a stressful semester and I apologize for those affected with the bouts of schizophrenia.”

Wednesday, January 12, 2005- The life of a design student…
“I guess I would take being at some kitsch printing center arguing over colors late at night for a project final than trying to cram for a test, but it gets so tedious anyway!
Especially when nothing goes right- my red is a 7afartali shade of watermelon pink, Sara forgot to create the outlines so the font looks funny, Noor’s file is busted… and the project is due in less than 7 hours! The waiting queue at the printers is 2 hours long, so we’ll pick them up tomorrow before class although class starts at 8:00 AM sharp.Ya 7alawlaw.
Stressing at the moment in the freezing winter, but I’m looking forward laughing about it in a few months just like we laugh at all the times we spent creating clay furniture and taking pictures of chairs.
I’m praying for snow tonight.”

Semester 2, Junior Year:
Saturday, May 13, 2006 – And that’s today. AHHHHHH!
Ok, since I have to whip this entry out of thin air, allow me to have a mini-panic attack:

*begin mini-panic attack*
3 more weeks (less?) and im smacking my hand for putting too much of a workload on my self and the fact that i missed a whole week of the last month in beirut doesnt help at all either i have no clue when im going to manage to figure out several programs i also have to finish all my projects before may 30th and thats so soon and the projects include lets see 2 packages one which i still didnt start thinking of an advertising campaign a movie a goddamn movie that i have to shoot edit and shit a movie damnit! im no good with audio and video (or so it was claimed with a “you suck roba” screw you dude) i also have to do whip up two papers and one of them is in arabic yikes theres also a project for my webdesign class am i forgetting anything im sure i am this is not to mention all the unschool related stuff which i also managed to pile on myself ahhhhh
*end mini-panic attack*

Ok, that felt good. Blogging is so therapeutic- it really is. Now I’m going to go tan.


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  1. LoooL :D I really loved this post! I mean, it is so true!! I relate to it because I have that time of the month when writing material is due and other deadlines are looming in the not-so-far horizon and I start wondering why on earth did I pile so many projects and responsibilities over my head, and the exact words I keep muttering are “panic attack panic attack, somebody shoot me!”

    ;) but it’s always a passing phase, and you grow to love it! Life is good, blogging rocks..

    You’ll do great don’t worry! You can’t count on me not to bother you about our projects and ideas until you hand in your school stuff ;)

  2. I’m in shock, but in a lovely shock..

    you have commented in my blog, and I don’t know why did I click on your name to see your profile, Roba Al Assi, Lord!
    my cousin Roba! I checked out your photos and it’s true! you’re Roba my cousin!!

    ana 3omar fahed ibn 3amtek, LOL, I can’t be more bewildered on how I never realised that you’re Roba my cousin!!!

    that’s just awesome! I got to say that I’m so proud of you and your blog, such a fascinating work! I remember once that I was talking with uncle Sami (that’s your father) about you having a website, and mom told me that you have a job, some online job…but never figured the connection :s

    salmi 3l kol,,
    keep it up…

  3. Roba,

    There are two films coming up that should be of interest to you.

    One is the comedyArt School Confidential with John Malkovich.

    The other is a documentary on the pioneering architect Frank Gehry entitled Sketches of Frank Gehry.. Click the links to see preview in Quicktime.

  4. ya3tiki alf 3afyeh!

  5. Omar, wow, what a coincedence! So now we’ll have something in common to talk about when we see each other? :P

    21stCenturyShea, ooh, thanks for the links. Although I’m not a movie person, these look awesome and i’ll surely try to check them out.

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