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The Adventures of Prince Achmed

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

Adventures of Prince Achmed, The

I just came back from an absolutely fantastic screening of the 1923 animated German film “The Adventure of Prince Achmed”. I was transfixed by the beautiful live oriental music, the vibrant and wonderfully creative animation, and the fact that the story line was in German, a language I do not speak half a word of.

The most beautiful part though was the live music composed by Jordanians Elia Khoury and Agnes Bashir, and played by Nawazen and the Chamer Ensemble. Bravo! It was truly a beautiful performance.

Three special cheers to the Faculty of Arts and Design students that partcipated in the performance of the live music.


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  1. I love shadow theatres .
    Huge Henri riviere’s fan !

  2. I’m so envious… I would loved to go and see this!!! ugghhh….
    Elia’s compsotions are always great… I remember his piece “Loujain”… great!!!
    I’m sure it was a good evening…
    Roba… any idea who designed the poster?

  3. OMG they screened it here on my campus just 2 weeks ago! I had typed it in on my schedule and totally wanted to go, but was too busy that weekend…

    But with live music?!

  4. Arafat,oh, yeah, the music was the best part. Very oriental, and locally composed, produced, and played. I was really, really impressed.

  5. what was the movie about?

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