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Something that should be introduced to the Jordanian market

Teddy Bear Guns…For Weddings.


“Midt i Beirut”


A conversation with a civil war


  1. EP

    First of all, That’s a weird-ass invention.. Honestly, It’s intimidating.

    Just the thing that would make me think: “Do the CIA hide wires and so forth in this thing. I will never get married”.

    Secondly, I was eagerly awaiting a post from your side!

    Thirdly, Check my blog.. New colors :D

  2. EP


    i7na na2esna fake weapons. Bekaffeesh innhom beto55o rsas fil a3ras? :P

    Oh, and I’m coming to Amman University (Al ahliyyah) or something..

    Anyway, You’ll be seeing and/or hearing a lot of me..

    Jahhzi 7alek lal saytara el 3alamiyyeh el qoswa!

  3. Killer Bee Bop


    And I do hate them too! :O

    Anyway, I think that’s exactly what Roba meant by this suggestion, to replace live gun fire in weddings, but, erm, they’re so gay! :O

    “Jahhzi 7alek lal saytara el 3alamiyyeh el qoswa! ”

  4. She

    Too cute! I want one! Not pink, though. I’m not sure I can imagine Jordanian men firing teddy bears into the air in celebration…

  5. Hey Roba,

    When are you going to go to work for Layalina Productions and make some Middle East meets Disney meets constructive social change magic?

  6. Skamboodi

    Ah, yes…
    Finally, a gun to take down all of them “runaway brides”!!

    //Picture This//

    “Ma3lesh 7abeebe, I can’t do this…. So sorry”


  7. HAHAHHAHA! this is awesome. Listen, make them disguise this gun so that it looks like a real gun, and THEN the fun can begin. CAn you imagine the looks on the faces of all those psychos who think it’s NORMAL to fire guns at weddings and graduations and taqjihi results announcements???? Stupid disrupters of the peace. Give them the fake guns and give me the real gun. I’ll take care of them.

  8. vI would fill it with candy,
    and shoot into my mouth!!!

    YUMM — SugarBlast!

    Ya3ni are you Serious Roba?
    You didn’t think of these poor teddies, where they’d be?

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