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Amman once again after a week in the city that was destroyed and rebuilt seven times… Beirut.

Beirut broke my heart.

The workshop was fantastic. The Danes are wonderful. Interfaith dialogue is exciting. A post (or two) due as soon as I collect my thoughts.
(I love Amman)


You stare straight ahead




  1. Great picture!

  2. Between you and Hala–what’s with the shoe fetish!!?

  3. I can’t wait for your upcoming posts ;) Missed ya!

  4. Welcome home dear … we missed you

    and I love Amman too!!

  5. Hello , I heard the JAMEEDKAST and it was funny. It was a surprise having you as a guest in the broadcast.

    The guys made me laugh indeed because they used KARAKY moderate vocubalary like 7amat: figs , dimis: stone , bewen : whistles , gawareet which is a conservative word that means : orphan. I would’ve been shocked if they asked me about Milad Abbassy in the first place because he happens to be an old hero of mine : )

    Welcome back

  6. Dar

    Welcome Back :)

  7. “The Websense category “Personal Network Storage and Backup” is filtered”

    ur pics are censored here, abeesh 3enna maze7 bil shogol !

  8. Welcome back to your home, we always feel that our home is the best place when we are abroad.

  9. ps- my goal in life is to do interfaith dialogue and mediation, as well as art therapy with refugee children.

  10. Mohammad Azraq (Blue!)

    nice picture,I look forward reading your posts soon,Beirut broke my heart too:(, I enjoyed travelling with you, you are indeed a wonderful person:)

  11. Can’t wait to hear all, can’t wait to caffeine again, can’t wait to discover more. Hamdillah 3al salameh and here’s to hoping your love for Amman is contagious!

    U’ve been missed! ;)

    And Beirut is still breaking my heart.

  12. “بيروت البلد يلي ما بموت”

    It always rises from the ashes like a Phoenix…

    Though, Amman breaks my heart too: Poeple have no clue how much this city is rich in history.

    Welcome back! I ♥ Amman too

  13. moi

    Welcome back! Can’t wait to hear all about the dialogue :)

  14. kinzi

    Welcome Home! Can’t help but add I love Amman too – People like you make it eenmore loveable!

  15. it’s been a while since you did a post, guurrrl! hehe

    Neyyalekk, I really miss this city. Bass as Firas said
    It’s the place that never dies, and how it rises from the ashes.

    I personally find the way Beirut was able to dust it off after massive destruction, war and hate is VERY impressive.

    AMMAN! yaaay *super excited*
    I am glad I am back! hehehe


  16. welcome back :)

  17. Welcome back Ammani Legend ;)
    U R 1 by the way ;)

    hareega, welcome to the club!

  18. I adore Beirut as well. I also love your blog and all the pictures tho it takes forever to download and open your blog giving my slow and crappy connection at home.

  19. Loving them converse

  20. Eve

    I will kill you! you were in Beirut and didn’t say a thing? we had at least three blogger meetups this month!

  21. Eve- way to shed Beirut’s violent image :op
    But i agree with you, 3aib ya Roba heik tejo we trou7o 3al sekkait.

  22. Welcome back!

    I can’t imagine anybody not loving Bey. Still I love Amman more.

    Bey, heartbreaker, violence? I think the whole essence of the city is about spreading the love.

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