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Strawberry Flavored Water Ice

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The only topic dominating the echoes echoing through the hills and valleys of the bustling city of Amman is heat. Good god- it’s been hot, in the sense where my work doesn’t stick together anymore because the glue keeps melting.

My favorite part about the heat is that I can pig out on popsicles. I love popsicles. Especially when its bright red. You know the cheap bright red askimo which still costs a shelen, labelled neither “askimo” nor “popsicle”, but instead, “Strawberry Flavored Water Ice”. It really is as good as Pepsi. And I really love Pepsi. In the past 30 minutes, I’ve had 4 popsicles.

The best part? Popsicles are the only thing in my world that haven’t gotten more expensive. It still costs a shelen a piece. I feel like a child when I hand my Leira to the guy at the dokaneh and he gives me back a bagful of askimo. My God, can you believe that a Leira can still buy so much of one thing?! It barely gets two scoops of icecream at Frosti’s. I remember a time when a scoop at Frosti’s cost 20 piasters.

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And so, the freezer is stocked with popsicles. And ahhh, they’re the perfect solution for such a hot week. A terrible week too. MY CAR IS STILL NOT FIXED. I’m really suffering without her- I’m absolutely and horribly emotionally attached to that creature (to the extent that I picked up some of the broken pieces and hung them in my room awaiting her return). I still have 4 exams/projects to go, and I’m not in the mood to do anything at all. There’s also all the damn mosquitos. But the worst bit of all is my internet connection. It has suddenly transformed to dial-up speed. I hate Batelco.

That aside, the survey thingy was apparently floating in the middle of the screen for some screens (thanks for the heads up Omar!), so I removed it. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, this will be your final chance to do so before I close it this Friday and post some of the results, so please take a minute to fill it out. Thanks!


Get your pencils out

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Student of Design

… and one of the worst bits about that is creating makeshift solutions for “I’m just a student with no professional equipment” problems. Take for example a project due this Sunday- how the heck am I going to give the font on my package that shiny gellatine-y cover layer?

Genius makeshift solution: Maybelline Water Shine Nail Polish – chip resistant and super high-shine, all the while somehow managing to maintain the font’s characteristics.

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It doesn’t show much in the picture- but seriously, it shines!

The freaky thing about all this is the fact that I just cannot get myself to sit still and listen to one hour of a movie, and yet I can sit for three hours painting type with nailpolish. And I actually enjoy it.

Time to go spray glue. Did I ever mention that I absolutely love UHU Spray Glue? Ahhh… efficiency in a bottle!

I know you well, I know your smell


Call me sentimental (which I’m really not unless its about streets and colors and stuff), but my heart aches every time I see this (which is often, as Abdoun is a quite-often taken route)- Dowar Abdoun Moghlaq! Abdoun Circle is shut!

The drama.

From all the circles of Amman (and they are plenty), Abdoun Circle is the dearest one to my heart. It was just the thing throughout my teenage years. I wasn’t old enough to drive, but my god, I can’t help but smile remembering the countless times I was driven around Abdoun Circle by others just for “fun”, which was always followed by an evening lingering in Galleria, MacDonalds, and Gerards. Beep, beep!

Dowar Abdoun Moghlaq. Ahh ya albi!

(me not the only one, Hala is better at having fits, enjoy!)

Abdoun Circle during her prime…

Nostalgia. I actually love this picture although it isn’t much of a work of art. It was probably taken 3 years ago.

lema 596




Snip, snap.
Oh, damn, he’s cutting it too short.
Snip, snip, snip.
I watch my strands fall off to the floor with horror.
He catches my expression, shakes his head and holds up his brush, with my hair rolled tightly on it, “How many times a week do you wash your hair?”
“Yes, I can tell. Your hair is so thin and so fragile! Ya 7ayateh you should only wash it three times a week.”
“I can’t. I hate the feel of it.”
“But you will get used to it 7ayateh! Three times a week.”
He gets out his blow dryer. I hate this part- not only does he burn my scalp, he also manages to pull my hair out of its roots, and to make matters worse, this terrible proccess is always followed with dollops and dollops of wax- “For volume 7ayateh.” Ok. Volume. Volume is good, right?

I leave looking like a poodle. A GODDAMN POODLE.

In the car, I call a friend of mine, “I look like a poodle.”
“Good,” he told me cheerfully. “I like poodles.”
Wrong answer.

Ruff. Ruff.

“Sixty Springs in Your Glory, oh, Jordan!”

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That’s so slogan they’re using to celebrate Independence Day on University Street, my literal translation of “ستين ربيعا في مجدك يا أردن”.

Sixty springs- what a fascinating way to put it, especially as spring has so many symbolic meanings. Sixty years of flowery hills and clear blue skies after a winter. Sixty years of a new beginning. Sixty years of spring under the Jordanian sky.

Above is my favorite view of Amman, a representation of cultural and historical diversity, hills, and the bluest blue.

Happy Independence Day, Jordan, with much, much love.

Learning To Fly


My favorite new possession…

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