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Saudi Champagne

One of my favorite beverages is one that is often served in “special” occassions in Saudi Arabia is Saudi Champagne, an improvised concoction of apple juice, lemon perrier, apples, oranges slices and mint. It’s quite delicious, and one of the few things I’m willing to replace my meal Pepsi with.


سخريه القدر


: I’m obsessed


  1. Oh wow
    looks so damn yummy!
    I want some

    is there’s a Lemon Perrier
    wella Lemon, Perrier?!

    I think if we take out the apple slices
    it would taste better — at least to me, the orange addict!! LOL

    Nice photo Roba,
    can I call you Robz?! hehehehe

    *expects the look on Roba’s face*


  2. sounds great.

  3. I must say it sounds tastier than all the Mormon celebration drinks I tried here.

  4. sounds yummy .. will try it and let you know :)

  5. looks and sounds extremely tasty! Out of curiousity, what is it officially called? are they allowed to call it Champagne?

  6. emmm… a77…

  7. Betqa, well, since it surely doesn’t have alcohol, so yeah, it’s called “Saudi Champagne” in menus and stuff. It’s pretty good!

  8. hmmm this thing can make you more drunk than a regular champagne

  9. I’m so thirsty! First you make us hungry with the pop tart and caesar salad attack, and now you start in with the fizzy drinks. You into torture or something??? And why the hell do we only have water in this house?? (grumble, grumble, ignore me)

  10. I stumbled upon your site when I was searching for something to do with Amman. I then decided that I had to read some more of your blog. It’s beautiful… the photographs are amazing. Did you take them? Your site really makes me miss the Middle East. I live in Washington, DC and am originally from Maine, but I spent a semester in Amman and a week of it in Syria and I just wish I could be back in Amman doing all the things there I loved to do and going so many places one might just pass by every day.

    Anyway, nice blog. Beautiful photos.

  11. Andy Blodgett

    When I was in Saudi Arabia in 2006 I had the honor to taste this drink. The one I had was extremely tart (made with lots of lemon juice) and delicious. Very refreshing and really quenched the thirst. The mint added a wonderful flavor not to mention the apples and oranges which sank to the bottom of the glass after the beverage was consumed and required a spoon to finish. I have been looking for the recipe and finally found it in two places on line.

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