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Made with real fruit (not)

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A few nights ago, I dreamt I was eating Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts! I haven’t had Pop Tarts since the 4th grade.

Naturally, I woke up with an extreme craving for them, and after a trip to Cozmos, I was standing in the kitchen microwaving the iced and sprinkled delicious-looking slices of pastry, stuffed with “natural” strawberry, remembering a day when I was a child sitting around the kitchen table waiting for my Pop Tart to be served. Ahh… for that precise instant, I could almost remember the sweetness of the icing (I love icing) and the juiciness of the fill.

Of course, the deliciousness of Pop Tarts turned out to be nothing more than a figment of an overfertile imagination. Or maybe Pop Tarts don’t taste the same anymore. Or maybe I’m too old for Pop Tarts. I really don’t know.

What I do know though is that they were way-too-sweet, artificially flavored to the degree that it feels like you are eating chemicals, and quite dry.

What a disappointment.

I also tried my very first Caesar salad for lunch this evening. I know, I know, Caesar salads are all over the fricking place, including refrigerated salad meals in CTown, McDonalds and salad bars in every other restaurant in the Amman. But you see, Caesar Salads usually have little cubes of chicken over them and since I’m not willing to eat anything that had contact with chicken, I’ve never had a Caesar salad. Today, my mother decided to make me a Caesar salad minus the chicken, and it was actually good! Much better than the Pop Tarts.

I feel like eating kubeh nayeh (raw ground beef paste mixed with cracked wheat, eaten with garlic, yum yum).

Oh, yeah, did I ever mention that I love soda?




: I’m obsessed


  1. Caesar salad! Whinge coming up
    I hate the fact the most restaurants and hotels seem to take up on them selves to come with ways to ******************************************************* one of my favourite dishes, for god sack a Caesar salad dose not have chicken, curry chicken!!! Bacon or any number of ridicules things they seem to wants to add to it. And no waitress you picking the bacon off my salad will not make it ok! And no I would not like a new one so you can spit in it for me this time!
    End of whinge
    Caesar salad yummm extra crotons, extra Worcester, no eggs for me please or just a dame normal one would do.

  2. Oh no, you had to go and post a blog about FOOD!!! My favourite subject in the whole world!!! ICE CREAM. I can eat ice cream regardless of weather, time, hour, situation, NOTHING! For my birthday, I don’t ask for cake, I ask for ICE CREAM. Oh man, I want ice cream so badly right now.

    This is the curse of insomnia…

  3. I hear you Hal

    I wish I had chocolate ice cream right now .. tomorrow I will treat myself to some :)

  4. Jeff

    A pop tart in the microwave? There’s your problem. To be properly eaten you either A) eat them cold or B) put them in the toaster (hence the ‘pop’ of the pop up out of the toaster) bit. They are “toaster” pastries after all. But it’s doubtful with even that effort expended that they’ll be as tasty as you remember. :)

  5. Hi Artsie,

    Do you like my new icon? :)

  6. Roba,
    iza beddek I can get you some men hoan! :D
    I’m coming on Sunday night to AMMAN!

    Just buzz me if you want any

    I love them too! hehehe

  7. I feel compelled to share that I – the person who loves fruits and veggies – hate Caesar Salad ;) how can tons of lettuce and bread crums qualify as salad?! 5alas I’ll make you eat real wonderful colofrul artsy salad next time :)

  8. ehh, pop tarts! don’t get me wrong but when I came across your post, I felt aver bad feeling and realized how this world is so erratic and wrong!… just probably 1 hour flying, or 2-3 hours driving you will be in another country that people cannot feed their childern (or even babies) good food for them to grow up and eat pop tarts!!! Again, I am so sorry; I was not able to shut my mouth up.. this has nothing to do with you Roba, but it has to do with the so wrong world we are living in… Just a message for the people who read take an initiative and help your fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine, all the world is standing against them including the governments of our countries. We should stand for our Palestine… It’s our case, all of the Arabs case…


  9. kinzi

    Roba, that stuff in the poptarts WAS 5% real fruit that was alive about 5 years ago.

    If you like chocolate, you’ve got to try S’more, chocolate fudge or Cookies an dCream poptarts. We brought some back from the US and I even hid them from the kids – isnt’ that mother love, saving them from that horrid junk food??

    But I’m with Hal and Roba, I’d rather spend the calories on ice cream

    And with Ahmad, one must consume in proportion to conscience of the less fortunate.

  10. I don’t know about pop tarts, never had them but i’m a big fan of Caesar salad with or without chicken, actualy i adore all kinds of salad :)

  11. i used to love pop tarts too when i was younger, but now they seem not to satisfy me.

    but, if you do want a tasty poptart, i would get the smores kind and make sure to toast it. yummy!

  12. EP

    I agree.. Things simple stop tasting the same,, I think that’s the reason. Besides, WTF is that cover.. It makes it look hideous, lol.

    BTW, do you still have kan zaman? I really want to go to that place, I’m dying! I mean, lots of childhood memories in that place.. meh

  13. She

    I haven’t thought about Pop Tarts in years! I don’t know if we can get them here, but we are flying to the US in the near future, and I have a feeling that, thanks to your post, I will be having at least one! I always loved Pop Tarts as a kid.

  14. I’ll take cooked chicken over raw beef any day. I once saw this news program about a girl who got Mad Cow disease, and she was totally mentally incapacitiated– a fate I’ll avoid if at all possible.

    PS. Yes, I’m back. Hope to see you at the next meetup.

  15. I too loved Pop Tarts as a child, but the microwave makes them flimsy and squishy, the toaster makes them just right, not too crispy and just hot enough. But, I cannot touch the things now that i understand what ‘calories’ are and what ‘grams’ of sugar really means. Though i do often crave the flavors of my childhood, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and Kraft maccaroni and cheese. How did I survive my childhood without becoming obese is a question i often ask.

  16. Keko, lol, wow, you sound quite frustrated! :P Hehe. And tell me about the picking thing… bleh… i t’s so annoying!!!

    Hal, Khalidah, yee, ana hala2 sar beddi ice cream too! I actually almost stopped by Delice to get some earlier..

    Jeff, lol, true, true. Unfortunately, our toaster was 110V and the electricity in this city is 220V so it went bye-bye… so microwave had to do…

    Ziad, lol, nice :P It sorta reminds me of Ifta7 Ya Simsim though.. 7oroof il hija2. I don’t know why!

    Omernos, lol, thanks, that’s quite sweet :) They’re available here though. And ooh.. Amman! I hope you have safetrip :)

    Lina, haha, khalas, it’s a deal. The Salad House salad looked quite good when you had it the other day… I might just have that.

    Ahmed, that is the most irrelevant comment I have ever recieved. How in God’s world is it wrong to eat Pop Tarts? Poverty exists everywhere in this world, and whether I eat Pop Tarts or not will not affect anyone. It’s cool to be a do-gooder and stuff, but it is completely unneccessary to have you feel bad because I eat Pop Tarts.

    Kinzi, ha, 5% or less. It’s so artificial it’s absolutely disgusting. But hehe, about the junk food, i suppose that’s loving, but I seriously can’t imagine my life without junk.

    Bakkouz, lol, cool. I’m usually not much of a salad person.

    Linda, haha, I love smores!

    EP, the cover is so delicious looking when you’re a child :) But I agree, it is hideous otherwise. And Kan Zaman still exists I believe.. I personally havn’t been there since like ’95 or something so don’t take my word for it.

    She, haha, awesome. Let me know if you still find them delicious.

    Rebecca, ah, come on! Kubeh Nayeh is yummy… And it’s all the same now.. Mad Cow, Chicken flu, eat your heart out ;)

    Lisa, haha, yeah. I’m afraid we don’t have a toaster at the moment so microwave it must be… and man, I’m glad I don’t know enough math to worry about calories.

  17. You got me wrong ya Roba hanem, I did not say you did not eat pop tarts, I said when I read your post I felt how this world is so so wrongful… people in Palestine are not poor, they are the most rich with their stand against the most tyrannical entity in the world, Israel. And I can tell you why my previous comment seemed to be the most irrelevant comment for you, because 99% of those who comment on your post just think like you… There is nothing wrong with the pop tarts or even drinking wine, the problem is that we are selling ourselves for the pop tarts… BTW, I am not Palestinian and I wish I was… sorry for making your blog dirty..

    good luck mam,


  18. Ahmed beih, how about if I tell you that I am Palestinian? I am very well aware of the circumstances of Palestine. Yet, logically, the fact that I eat Pop Tarts does not make me sell myself to anyone, and I cannot tolerate lack of logic.
    Yes, I am very well aware of America’s funding of Israel, but Pop Tarts is the least of your worries.

  19. Farah

    Wait a second, you don’t eat chicken?

  20. Isam

    Whoah what kind of time machine brought me here ??

    and btw, Ceasar Salad is sans chicken by default. You did not invent anything 5 years ago :D

    What brought me here, seriously ?

  21. LOL 3anjad. Maybe the latest post? :)

  22. Isam

    I didn’t get to Google Reader yet. Did you tweet it ? Because I was on Twitter the last few minutes. Don’t you have the tracky-backy thing which, you know, tracks back things ?

    See you in the future hahaha. God I love being a geek, especially when talking to one. Have I ever recommended watch “The Big Bang Theory”?

  23. LOL, ta7sheesh Isam. I love the Big Bang Theory :) So hilarious. Hands down the funniest show since Family Guy.
    And actually, no, I don’t believe I tweeted that post. It must have been a time machine.

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