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Air Arabia Hijacks South Park

The Air Arabia campaign has been making an appearance all over town for quite some time now. I even thought that the little chubby-faced guy with a tarboush, the tiny little feet, and the half-circle upper body was rather cute, somehow missing the features so characteristic of the potty-mouthed, psycho South Park kids.

Yes, Air Arabia did it. They stole South Park.



Wanna steal a South Park character? All you gotta do is get ziggy with a DIY Create-A-Character generator. Here’s me:


Yeah, I know I don’t have short pink hair. BUT I REALLY WANT TO HAVE SHORT PINK HAIR.


Razzle Dazzle




  1. Gus

    south park are amazing.. its the most hilarious show ever..

    Download one called: Pre school!


  2. Ben

    Hi. This is the first time I’ve read your blog. I’m definatly going to continue reading. You are so pretty. I wonder what you look like.

  3. Lol!
    The ad says 16JDs to Dubai, this is true but you have to add tax (“B”LUS TAX) , so your ticket will cost you JD250 or something! BA is less!

    GUS,I’m a Simpsons’s fan :p, South Park? I don’t know, it’s just too predictable

    Download : “In Marge We Trust” Mr.Sparkle!Hehe

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  5. sorry wrong link

    then click on our teachers

  6. I know,
    I was pretty surprised!

    God that’s awful,
    I think somebody should seriously do something about it, because the jackass doing these charachters is hogging all the money…Okay that sounded a little mean, but seriously it’s STEALING as you said!


  7. The ad has been all over Kuwait for a while, but unfortunately, they are not the first ones who stole it from south park.. I am sure you have seen “Block 13” two ramadan’s ago on Kuwait TV (click me)..

    Anyway, here is my South Park Character (click me).. lol

  8. Don’t you just love how you can play with this and get different characters?

    Here is another one, try it

    And here is my character

  9. LOL. So does a Suicide bomber blow him self up at the end of every show.

  10. There’s nothing new about it, southpark was ripped off a couple of years ago as someone above mentioned, It was a tv show called ” block 13″ by a group of artists from kuwait. you can see some of the episodes here

  11. i knew this roba.. the resemblance is uncanny!

  12. Horrible Airline,,, scary as well,,, dont ever try it

  13. Actually, the first people to hijack South Park were a Kuwaiti tv show called “قطعه 13” It’s hilarious.

    We’ve had advertising campaigns for Air Arabia on Jeeran for more than 6 months. All their banners achieved tremendous results using these characters.

    I always thought the success of this theme was because people in the Arab world knew “قطعه 13” and not South Park. I could be wrong.

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