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Tickling inspiration

(Did I ever mention that I love MoCo?)

These awesome collages are created with currency by collagist Christopher Wilde. Wilde cuts various shapes out of paper money from around the world to form collages with economic and political undertones and overlays. You can check out a gallery of his work here.

Moving over to yumminess, photographer Meredith Allen snapped shots of slowly dripping ice lollies of familiar cartoon characters set against a clear blue sky in various beach locations over a five-year period. Making me all warmy and fuzzy inside- man, I love the summer. And I love icecream. I really do. I can’t wait till the summer really starts and the minimarkets become stocked with the shelen bright red eskimo from Jabri. Yum.




Finally on the list is Ryan Bown who creates geometric forms based on chaos theory, all formed using hundreds of painted cotton swabs. Yes, cotton swabs. Is that cool or what?



The Story of a Piece of Cheese


Bent il Balad


  1. Amazing, can you notice how Meredith Allen’s fingers get fatter in the photos? I guess 5 years of ice-cream-photo-taking must put the pounds on you! ;-)

    just teasing you Roba. I love Wilde’s work. Thanks for introducing it.

  2. LOL Arrabi.. that cracked me up :) Bas they do look delicious don’t you think?

  3. Wow, those collages are incredible! Thanks for sharing with us all these treasures you find. Though I’m an architect, I’ve never been much of an art fan. Thanks for highlighting what interests you.

  4. Chaos Theory art :) heaven on earth, keep the good stuff coming.
    a hint of the bravia ad in this one don’t you think?

  5. Keko, pretty cool, eh? :) And ohh.. it does remind of the Bravia ad now that you mentioned it! I guess its the chaos in the color waves…

  6. Rebecca, I’m glad you enjoy these :) Architecture is cool too. I’m just fascinated by spaces…

  7. eeeee……i was just posting a comment here when I got YOUR comment on MY post…..freaky business!

    i think that cotton buds business it too cool, it realy looks like a donut covered in sprinkles….oh man i need sugar fix, yummy.

  8. first off, the collages are absolutely wonderful!

    the cotton bud thing looks awesome, it can be useful you know…
    after you take a shower… HEHEHE, t5ayyali you have it and somebody
    would actually use the cottonbuds — ASSASINATION BSOR3A! lol

    LMAO @ the crying SpongeBob squarepants…
    it’s hilarious! haahahaha

    and about the Shelen Brigh-Red-Askimo of Jabri,
    I miss it too — It’s so funny how when you keep sucking
    it turns into ice…clear ice — LOL
    Ba3dein the funny part, you’d find “NAK-HA 6ABE3EYYA” aww ishee 3al wrapper
    BOOOOOOOOOZAAAAAAAA *runs to eat ice cream*

    Btw, I think ism el Askimo “Hi” aww ishee heik

  9. Funnily I didnt like any,they have neither a profound meaning nor beauty in my opinion.

    ok,that sounded really blunt, but thats what i feel:p

    Actually the last three are quite disturbing. the last one made me crave for a cookie.

    Post-modern art,lacks the meaning somehow…

  10. Hal, lol, it’s funny how the last one is getting imagination flowing.. I really thought that it’s relation to the chaos theory is quite cool..

    Omernos, haha, actually, if you dig through Bown’s sight, he actually ties these cotton buds together so there’s no risk of that ;) As for icecream, its the most fascinating thing.. man you’re making me crave it even more!

    Ohoud, I strongly disagree with you. Come on… postmodern art has a LOT more meaning that any other form of art because it’s very conceptual rather than aesthetical. I personally am the biggest fan of most of the art movements of the last century minus Surrealism which I feel isn’t grounded enough, while I generally dislike very literal art like that of the reinessance. It’s just personal preference though :)

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