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toot archaeological expedition discovers the oldest and largest pavement ever!

I cracked up when I saw this post on the tootlog documenting the finding of an unbelieavably high pavement somewhere in this wonderful city.

Man, that’s so high it’s hilarious.
George has an equally hilarious post accounting for why this pavement is so high, and I must say I like the second reason because it has kept my pants dry at JU and I’m a tall, tall girl so I have no problem getting on the pavement ;)
With such fantastic road architecture (is there such a thing?), no wonder you can always hear the cars screaming “toot! toot!” . I mean, everyone has something to say!


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  1. That is very tall for a pavement it’s more like a wall in itself. Do you know where that is?

  2. maybe the man in the photograph is short? the height looks reasonable since it blocks the car’s door when opening, not something unusual in Amman.

  3. 3la golit ahl elbald… “yabayeeee…. yawardeeeee”

  4. I remember that most pavements in Amman seemed exceptionally high to me. At least those along the Gardens street. I also had that feeling when I was in Tunisia. I thought it’s the feature of roads in Arab countries (not only, for I’ve seen high pavements in Turkey as well).

  5. loool loved the engineering in such great design.

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