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The events in Egypt are unbelievably depressing. What’s religion good for if all it does is kill people? Arabs, regardless of whether they’re Muslim or Christian, should seriously stop taking religion so literally and start learning to look at it’s more spiritual side.

Egyptians on the issue:

Big Pharaoh
Freedom for Egyptians
Jar Il Qamar (Arabic)
Justice For Everyone (Arabic)
Tay Il Motasel (Arabic)

Sad times.


Summer in the city


toot archaeological expedition discovers the oldest and largest pavement ever!


  1. well… one thing about Islam… it is a way of life… not a spiritual ritual… coexistence is important… but it doesn’t mean that we should be the same!!!
    Islam is not only saying “God is in my heart”… nor it is only praying five times a day… Islam… is the engine behind each breath you take and each action you make…
    and since am ‘arab-phobic’… I blame Arabs… for thier actions… not thier religions…

  2. I want to hold my hands over my ears, and close my eyes over what’s happening. Shame, shame, shame

  3. Grace

    Let me preface my comment by agreeing with R. Fisk that war is an utter failure of the human spirit; it’s horrific and too often romanticized with slogans and patriotism. Having said that…

    What’s the point of religion, or literature, or words, for that matter, if we can’t interpret them literally? Words communicate meaning and to ban literal or metaphorical or any type of interpretation from a text does violence to the text. So, you know in the end, it behoves us to analyze and be challenged and analyze again what Islam, what Christianity, what materialism, what pragmatism, what any doctrine and worldview is which shapes our thinking and even our actions, if we are being consistent. Though, thank God, most of the time we’re not…just walking contradictions. Love.

  4. Super Devoika, I am not blaming religion, I am blaming Arabs.

    Grace, I completely disagree with you. Although the sort of words we are using now are meant to be understood literally, not everything in this world is literal, especially as you mentioned literature, which is reap with symbology.

  5. super devoika
    coexistence is only about accepting people having different beliefs,cultures,point of views than urs.
    this shouldn’t make u feel threatened about loosing ur identity or anything

  6. Omar, I completely understand what you’re feeling; they’re the same feelings that make me slam my laptop shut in disgust and go do something ridiculous like jumping rope after spending time perusing the news….but please, PLEASE dont stop listening and stop seeing.

    We’ve been doing that for so long, just accepting and moving on after a mere noticing, that we’ve convinved the world we’re no compliant with the atrocities lunatics commit on our behalf.

    So as much as it hurts to confront it, DON’T TURN AWAY!

  7. Roba… then we agree on this matter… [a first time for us]….=)
    Fadi… people are free to think what ever they want and do what ever they choose… maybe I should’ve said that I think [one thing about Islam … it is a way of life…. ]
    but again… some people believe that what they believe is the truth… [or else I can’t understand why they believe it…]
    Ok… am loosing my concentration now… anyways…
    a peice of advice for those who so easily misunderstand Islam… try harder and seach for the good resources…
    for me I was brought up in a multi-faith family… so I think I do coexist with others…

  8. You really must read an article written by karen Armstrong-amazing woman, who used to be a nun bas now writes books and articles about religion in general. In this article she talks about at the essence of religion rather then taking the literal meaning of scripture. This article made me rethink my thoughts and feelings about religion in general.,3604,1546558,00.html

  9. forgot to write the title of the article:
    Unholy strictures

    It is wrong – and dangerous – to believe literal truth can be found in religious texts

    Karen Armstrong
    Thursday August 11, 2005
    The Guardian

  10. Anonymous

    Lulwa, karen Armstrong!! if she were an Imam praising Jesus Christ, you will be bashing the hell out of her, but since she is praising of what you believe, what a great woman, ya!

    Omar.. it is a shame for anyone who loses their family, friends or any one in between because of those who do not know what they have been preached. Shame, oh for shame, may GOD help them find the right path. Don’t close your eyes, rather use your hands and aid those one who thinks by harming others they are doing what their God wish them to do. Kill innocent people.

    Super.Devoika.. don’t generalize. Blame the Arabs. FYI, Arabs are Christians, Muslims, and many other faiths, just because some do not take any regard to another human life but their own, doesn’t mean all of them are! By your remark, you don’t know any Arabs, other than those whom you watch in the news. Get out of your rocking chair, look outside of your window, far far away, you may find many great Arabs, not all of them are blood thirsty monsters. People are not free to think anyway they wish, even in the free world. We are dictated with what we should or shouldn’t do, and freedom of speech is so over rated, to the limit it is not with us anymore, may it rest in Peace!
    As for believes, what makes you believe in your religion, maybe the same force that drives people to believe in theirs! Islam is not a way of life, it is you or I who make life the way of life, what you do in your life, nor is it the engine behind every breath, I thought you as a muslim believe in one God Allah and he is the one the way, and the engine to life. Are you ‘Arab-phobic’! How about Muhammad ibin Abdual would that include him as well? He was an Arab man too :0
    Don’t have a heartache, consider this a wake up call, or just a nudge ;)

  11. I think if people -all over the world and history – were not so fanatically religious we would have live in peace all through out history. I think religion has caused bloodshed throughout history than any other cause you could ever imagine.  I mean, Israelites want their promised land by their God Yahweh, Christians want the Holy Land on which God Jesus has descended and lived, Muslims want the the Land on which has a Holy Mosque that Prophet Mohammed gone to in the event of “Isra and Mi’raj”. So go figure out .. 

  12.  Agreed. Religion has brought about much bloodshed in history.

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