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Summer in the city

zooksies 182

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What say you?


toot archaeological expedition discovers the oldest and largest pavement ever!


  1. “summerly” nice :)

  2. No socks? :p

    Nice sneakers

  3. Anonymous


    Here is a useless info about Bedouin old customs.
    You know how older women in the Gulf wear a black cover all over their body, well the guys would not know how these women look, years and years of observations, men learned to measure beauty from their ankles.
    So by checking out women’s ankles men could tell how beautiful the woman is.

    BTW, Nice ankles (:

  4. I found a name for picture number 2:
    Nice legs and nails, some work and they will be more sexy, refer to Ammar’s blog for munikar and bedikar tips

  5. You really love those shoes, dont you? :)

    I suggest investing in some Car Shoes by Prada. They’re great!

  6. LOL, funny. The way I see it is dirty sneakers, cargo pants–> who wants to fight?

  7. I love those pics Roba ..
    As for weather .. I don’t think that today’s weather is exactly summerly .. it looks like it will rain :)

    Me loves rain :D

  8. All star girls rule

  9. ur my identical twin!! u have my shoes..

  10. LOL I’m loving these pictures. The second picture is especially well done. Hey you’re not an art student by any chance are u? lol =P

  11. Anonymous

    I really like these pix too Roba. I’ve come to peek at them twice. They have an almost iconic property about them. They have a “character” quality that reminds me of Naji. We don’t need a face … there is something complete conveyed by the presence of the shoes alone. I’m sure the pants contribute as well. You could do a whole series of these “shoes” seeing and visiting things all over Amman, Jordan, the ME…the world and it would be wonderful. Seeing it from the “shoe’s perspective” too (the low angle) is also really fun and unique. Keep up the great work. ~Jeff

  12. wow i love the second and the third picture

  13. She

    Those pants look so cool! Love the color, love the length and style!

  14. is this a SAAB Roba?

  15. Thank you for the link to Farah, at I have added her to my feeds.

  16. Thanks guys!

    Silk , my pleasure.

    Salam, yes, it’s a saab :)

  17. hey it’s the same color as my SAAB,and I think it’s one of the rarest Saab colors,though not my favorite,great choice of car!!!

  18. the number of license plate is also a little

  19. Hmm.. it’s actually my mom’s car.. it might be familiar to you :) where do you live/

  20. no you got me wrong,very similar to my own car,i drive saab-93 model 2002 of the same white pearl color..

  21. LOL la2 fhemet 3alaiki.. I’m just saying that it’s my mom’s car not mine. I asked where you live because you said the license plate looks familiar.

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