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Turning bytes to bites

So today was another Jordan Planet meet-up. I’m not in a very blabbery mood, so I will redirect you to posts by Jad and Khalidah, and just share these pictures.

JP Meetup

JP Meetup

JP Meetup

JP Meetup

JP Meetup

JP Meetup


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What say you?


  1. kinzi

    Fun Roba! thanks for the ‘photo-blab’. Are you going to post your article too? Come on, don’t be so humble…let’s celebrate your achievement :)

  2. Hey Kinzi, it was great seeing you yesterday :)
    I will post the Viva article as soon as I take a legible picture of it :)

  3. Roba,I had a great time at the meeting.Being my first ,it was a bit intimidating for me to go see people I don’t know,but thanks to you,to khalida nad kinzi,the ice ws broken real soon and i had a great time.Hope to see all of you guys agian soon.

  4. It’s now a JP meet-up? Just curious.

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