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Knock, knock

zooksies 009

Oh, my, God, this is so exciting- today I saw the first watermelon tent being set up, officially signalling the nearness of summer. Yipee, me is a summer person.
Blogging is awesome. Last year on April 12th, I got as excited when I saw them setting up this same tent in this same spot and whipped up a post about it. Today is also April 12th. Freaky, or else these watermelon tent people are really organized.


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  1. I love Bateekh and cant wait :)

    3an jad yipeeeee

  2. hehe ,this guy thinks you have a thing for him,stalking him year after year!!

  3. i saw one of them already opened but i dont remember where, i think in meccah street maybe …

    i hate BATEEKH …

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