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Jabal Amman, sometime in early February

” … the use of our intelligence quite properly gives us pleasure. In this respect the brain is like a muscle. When we think well, we feel good. Understanding is a kind of ecstasy.”
-Carl Sagan, 1980






  1. this quote is real, i like it.

  2. awesome :)

  3. I’m just so in love with Carl Sagan, you must’ve read COSMOS or is it not your style of reading ?

  4. Sagan is right, of course. Reason works. But for many, it is hard work, and therefore, to be avoided. They fall back on emotions, baseless beliefs, and prejudices, which come directly and easily, undisturbed by thinking.

    When you start thinking, you need to be prepared for answers you don’t like. Even Albert Einstein, one of the greatest thinkers of all time, avoided an answer that he didn’t like! (that quantum mechanics indicates a fundamental reality through the rolling of cosmic dice. ). So if Einstein fell short, it is not surprised that others do, too.

  5. oh!so thats why i’ve been feeling bad lately…
    i actually forget how to think…i wonder how can u get urself back on the right track…

  6. great quote, great photo.

  7. Sagan never ceases to impress

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