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“Roba, check this out!”




  1. Some rules are meant to be broken my dear friend .. otherwise nothing innovative would have happened in the world … maybe we should thank God for the rebels who live among us because those are the ones who make changes that the rest benefit from …

    But some rules are there to be respected and are red lines for everyone .. only the smart know how and when to differentiate

  2. Very true. But everything entails a price to pay I guess…and nothing comes by just sitting on our butts. What’s with the topic anyways? (if I may ask), or is just a “quiet” protest?

    As my friend always says: “When will somebody break the code of no-girls-smoking-on-campus-besides-Adab Street, the same way that happened with Adab…”.

  3. I never liked this saying when its alone “Rules can be broken” ..I always thought their is a phrase missing..I think you completed it today :)

    Deep and nice Roba

  4. A devils advocate might say, acknowledgment rather than adherence could mean you have succumb to the influence of the mere existence of the rule ;)

  5. Gus

    I brake and ignore them :D

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