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“Roba, check this out!”

My brothers can be really endearing, especially when they communicate with me digitally when I’m physically sitting right behind them. For example, a few days ago, I get on the PC in order to check my email, and I am surprised to find this document open in MS Word:

Of course, they had to misspell my name on purpose as they know how much that pisses me off. They wouldn’t be brothers if they don’t try to piss their eldest sister off would they?

Another way for them to show their brotherly love is moralistic stories saved on the desktop just for me (admittedly, they can be more responsible than myself when it comes to matters of 3eib o mish 3eib, such as messiness, having to go see my aunts, and stuff like that. The latest story on my desktop titled “Roba, check this out” is about the internet, and how it is not the anwser to everything.

(Click on image to read the story)

I told you they’re endearing.


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  1. endearing indeed :D

  2. haha this is truely funny , reminds me of that cartoon where the guys goes to work and his boss sees him and says: hey what are you doing here? i fired you yesterday, didn’t you get the mail? :D… ehem cough i guess it isn’t as funny as when you see the actual atroon *cough* …

  3. Lol at the Word document!!
    You know, I should probably try that with Lina:)

  4. Brother

    yo wazzup ruba…. didnt i tll u dat am z best bro evr… fo shizzil

  5. Rania ya 7aramek :p I thought I’m the wonderful easily accessible big!

    Hehe and now we’re communicating via Roba’s blog :D

    Roobs, your brothers are awesome, I love a creative family..

  6. oh my god, Ur name written in a wrong way,
    oh my god, noor’s name is written in a wrong way,
    oh my god its on the screw Microsoft Word,
    Oh my god its written in Times New Roba….

    everything is just ugly in there,, ugly ugly!
    a nightmare!

  7. Anonymous

    Hi ROBA, i can’t believe there is another girl on this earth with the name ربى who writes her name ROBA and her brothers bug her about spelling it wrong! AND bidal3ooha roobz too! i can’t believe this!
    the blog thing is soooo nice and cool, to post your ideas and thoughts and share them with people….i always wished i had time for it!
    I’m roba hamam
    add me up!
    or send me an email :)

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