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Baskin Robbins Rebranding: Yay or Nay?

I was surprised to see today on 2:48 AM that Baskin Robbins have rebranded. We don’t have a Baskin Robbins in Amman, but I seriously miss that stuff(especially their cookie dough icecream).

Baskin Robbins new logo

In their new logo, which I don’t like at all, the colors stay the same but look more concentrated as the new font is heavier, and the aligned letters in the old logo are not aligned anymore. The “31” is still there, except its not as clear- I think it looks odd.

So what do you guys say? Yay or nay?


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“Roba, check this out!”


  1. Gus

    Personally I like the new one.. Its “YAY” for me :D

  2. Nein!

    The new one looks like it’s been designed by some teenager! And it’s not clear at all!
    So really?We don’t have it in Jordan?
    Thanks for the info!I have to contact someone so you could enjoy their very berry strawberry flavored icecream for 3.5JD…….mmmM ice cream that will make someone rich![Insert Homer drooling]

  3. :)

    i think the older one is better, it is more professional and stands out in the crowd. however the new one describes the function of the store better, scince its an icecream store not a retail shop!

  4. kinzi

    I was so sad when BR closed…we would go in winter when it was 1/2 price!

    Ahh… for a jamoca almond fudge triple!

    It was certainly time for rebranding, but think they could do a better job. Pizza Hut did a great job, imho

  5. Luai

    BR is such crap. But the new logo is pretty cool.

  6. b.

    Yik. Yuck. Nay.

    But I still love their chocolate fudge ice cream. :)

  7. I don’t if it’s because of that bit of conservatism in me, or the new design actually sucks, but I’ve been so used to the old design for like…the entire period of my life, that it feels really really weird looking at that new piece of crap.

    So it’s a nay for me. They need to fire their graphic designer.

  8. Gaahhh. Ice cream good, design yuch.

  9. Nas

    there goes my childhood!

    i dunno, maybe we just used to the classics. it’s like if all the simpsons characters were blue instead of yellow, it just wouldn’t feel right.

  10. The new design is the embodiment of ugliness

  11. me like, it brings out the childishness i always associate with eating ice-cream, now i feel like getting one myself :)

  12. onzlo

    NAYYY it sucks bigtime…

    Baskin robbins sucks in general it feels and looks so artificial.

    (However Australian ice cream, the place in abdoun is amazing).

  13. moi

    nayyyy! I like the old one because it’s more familiar and everyone can recognize it. The new one is confusing.

  14. both look horrible.

  15. She

    Still not sure, but it’s kind of cool the way they’ve designed the “31” part so that it also makes up the letters “B” and “R”. The new logo is more casual, more funky, I think. The old one, while more legible looks kind of boring and formal. The new one is more fun, which is what ice cream should be, no?

  16. old one nicer..did you se 3ata 3ali’s new image?haram they paid for a new sin in shmesni and it looks exactly the the ay does anyone ever eat there any more?

  17. although you’re not gonna reply…

    the new logo sux,


  18. Ellehcim

    Seriously, people, focus in the taste of the ice cream.
    Since i discover Cold Stone, Baskin Robbins sucks.

  19. i hate bk

    gayyyy baskin robins sucks. i hate it. they have no good flavors any more. i will never go to the one in middleburg,ohio again. i want to kill them for havin such a suck balls selection.

    Baskin Robins SUCKS DICK

  20. i hate bk

    and it doesnt have 31 flavors so suck my dick for lyin

  21. this is not rebranding this is mess branding lol first one for sure 

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