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(The world can be so funny)

Behold, oh, World, from the bits and bytes of webspace belonging to my favorite Arabic blogger (yes, the same guy who believes that the word “bye” is a mighty conspiracy against our convictions and that blogging in English automatically means that you are shallow, cultureless, and lacking in self-confidence), let me present The Official Community of the Saudi Bloggers, lovingly dubbed OCSAB.

You see, I’m all for communities and stuff, I really am, but I’m also all for- em… how do I put this nicely… ok, nevermind, I won’t even try, I will just redirect you to what some of my very favorite bloggers wrote on this issue, so please proceed to the lores of Farooha, Saudi Jeans, and Mr. Sandmonkey.

What I will share though are the terms you must comply to in order to join The Official Community of the Saudi Bloggers.

The terms, as translated from their site by darling Farooha, are as follows:

1- That the blog does not touch on Islam improperly in any way or shape, which thereby rules out blogs that call to secularism and liberalism.
Because, you know, secularism and liberalism are the highways to hell *humming AC/DC’s “I’m on the Highway to Hell”- me loves AC/DC*. No, wait, they’re not the highways to hell, they’re the exact opposite of Islam.
Man, how do these people think?

2- Seeing as how the community is for Saudi bloggers, naturally then, the blog must be run by a Saudi.
Ok, that’s all cool, me agrees, except that Saudi women are apparently not considered Saudi. Or are they not human? Or they can’t be parts of communities?
Saudi chick bloggers kick ass. They do. Respect.

3- Since we exert much effort into maintaining an elevated level of blogging, the language in use must be Arabic. An exception: Blogs with a non-Arabic speaking audience are excluded, only on the condition that they call to Islam or reflect a pleasant image of Saudi Arabia.
Elevated? Well, boo hoo hoo! That’s the best way to make sure that the content of The Official Community of the Saudi Bloggers revolves around boycotting Denmark, posting crappy love poetry, and arguing over whether it is ok for women to watch football matches or not.
And dude, if you are so against the English, why the heck is your name in English? Especially since you got it all wrong. The “the” is actually not a part of your name, and the second “the” after community is completely unnecessary. Me thinks you should not use a language you so despise.

And don’t you just love the double standards? Exceptions, exceptions.

Nice, eh?

I add my voice to the chorus- BOOOOOOOOOO!


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  1. ok I just have one thing to say:

    Alright Roobs! *high five* You and I have the same fave blogger :-D what a coincidence…chalk that one up to constant companionship, right?

    grrrrrrr……… just grrrrrrrr..

    btw, one of my fave reads is that “قرأت كتابين فأصبحت فيلسوفه ” post..

    check it out, a definite must read. two big thumbs up.

    Mwaaah, baby.

  2. Nas

    well I’m not too interested in this latest blogger vs. blogger-athon…but suffice to say, as a student of politics and practicing Muslim, I found the first one very funny:

    secularism = liberalism?

    things that make you go hmm

  3. Dude, I can’t believe you linked to somebody with the word “ASS”! Oh… you’ve google-associated them forever with that tag! :-)

    just kidding… keep it up.

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