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Moving over to Egypt, me is very, very disappointed.

A fatwa issued by Egypt’s religious authority forbidding the display of statues has raised fears that it could be used as an excuse to destroy the country’s historical heritage.


That is just purely pathetic. It makes my blood BOIL. And Egypt from all countries!

Egypt, where the first Arab Academy of Fine Arts was established! Egypt, the home of some of the most talented sculptures the Arab world has ever had, such as Mahmud Mukhtar! If my memory serves me right, Egypt was also the first Muslim country to issue that logical fatwa that said that sculptures for arts sake are perfectly alright.

Man… I’m in disbelief, ya 3ammi don’t bully the fine arts, they’re already bad off as it is, go bully the porn industry, starting with your exports, such as Ruby, Sabeen, and Boosy.


Oh, yeah, while talking about this fantastic world we live in today, we should all also should also probably stop singing in public, because anti-terrorism detectives have been stopping people who sing “suspicious” music. Dead serious. A man was actually escorted from a plane after a taxi driver had earlier become suspicious when he started singing along to a track that happens to be one of my favorite songs- “London Calling” by The Clash (Boing Boing).

Come out of the cupboard,you boys and girls
The ice age is coming, the sun’s zooming in
Meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thin




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  1. Nas

    this is a tricky subject. as you already know Islam is not anti-art, it simply places restrictions on certain things to preserve them and avoid complications. the people of Nuh pbuh for example used to worship statues of their ancestors even though when they were created centuries before it was with the intention of honoring them. It’s the same way the whole world was pretty much anti-pornography 100 years back, even in the US, but now it’s considered an art form.

    anyways the Sunnah is pretty accurate when it comes to statues. what was being banned were idols made for worship; pagans. hence figures of living creatures such as animals or people are forbidden. one way they used to get around this was to sculpt incomplete human bodies.

    i’m not sure if this includes the likes of David…but that’s the jist of it :-D

    anyways, there are worse things out there in Egyptian society than statues

  2. that is sad!!!

  3. Are most people in Egypt seriously in danger of worshipping statues? Or is this another plot to slowly but surely tear the country apart?

  4. This IS really sad. I don’t know what is it about, or how did it come up, or why….I couldn’t believe it when I first heard about it. I’ve personally heard the Mufti talk on TV a couple of times and read an interview with him on the Ahram Weekly website. And he seems a very open minded, well educated guy. How could this come out of him then? And if we’re adopting the he’s-a-government-agent conspiracy theory, then, why would the government do that? Until recently I thought that one of the good things in this government is their strict opposition and tendency (or at least trials) to control religious extremism. Then, why?!
    I think I’ll blog about this soon. I just need to collect my thoughts together.

  5. galal, don’t hurt urself now.

    Roba, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. I am this close of throwing my hands in the air, decalring the whole thing a lost cause and just not care anymore. Did u read about that new law they made, about mocking the religions? Fuckin assholes!

  6. Galal: Another blogger recommended I read the Al Ahram interview. I did, and this didn’t surprise me at all. Read it carefully, and you’ll see the same picture of a fanatic in modern clothes and language as I did.

    A few quotes from it:
    “A Muslim deals with reality, he deals with this door you see here, realising it too worships God;” (???)

    “And how is he to deal with the modern world?

    “Ever since the time of the Prophet they have been fighting us. This is nothing new, and the clash is not new… I mean the West, the Moscow- Washington axis, has been fighting the Tangier- Jakarta axis ever since the Prophet was sent and is still doing so today.”
    (The Muslim ‘everybody hates us’ idea.)

    “They, on the other hand (and we play dumb and ask ‘who’s they?’), they stole our children, enslaved them” (Seems like the Janizzaries were Christian children taken away from their parents and brought up as an elite force in the Ottoman empire, but he doesn’t seem to know this)

    “Anglo-Saxons are the ones controlling those established democracies. Not one black [political leader] has risen, nor will one; no woman has ruled America, nor will one. Something basic is crying out here, saying: these people are good, and these people are evil.” (Ah yes, the voice of the moderate, proclaiming that the West is evil)

    “As a Muslim I say listen to the Shari’a, see what God is ordering you to do, see what is good for this universe and do it”

    “The real predicament is that Muslims today are the products of a cultural attack “that has kept us away from the book and from understanding it.” (The MUSLIMs are VICTIMS of a cultural attack???)

    “after this sort of indoctrination, a boy is lost between ideas he just doesn’t understand, he approaches the books haphazardly and finds that God says ‘faqtulu al-mushrikin haythu wagadtumuhum (slay the idolaters wherever ye find them)’ (Al-Tawba 9:5) But who is the mushrik, the polytheist? He really doesn’t know. Anybody could be a mushrik and so he shoots just anybody.”
    (Read this very carefully a couple of times. Not that the ‘boy’ shouldn’t kill idolaters, but that he can’t tell who are the idolators.)

    “When Muslims were raised according to the truths of Islam, they were civilised people, they were productive.” (Yes, but this was before the closing of ijtihad.)

    What scares me is that Ali Gomaa IS, relatively, a moderate.

  7. Anonymous

    I also find myself wondering what is going on? Is it not curious that all of a sudden a fatwa that was issued years ago, that’s right years ago, is the center of an international scandal? Whose idea was it to bring this up now? This is nothing new, Muslims have been saying this forever, and nobody (except some misguieded afghanis who had politacal motivations) ever thought it meant destroying statues. The Mufti also says that smoking is haram, should we object to that on grounds that people will blow up the neighborhood kiosk? Should we get rid of the fatwa against alcohol because we are concerned for the safety of Drinkie’s? We may have our problems, but Muslims are as backward as all that.

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