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My God, Amman is drowning! Drowning, I tell you, drowning!

Not that I’m complaining, at least not now that I’m sitting infront of the soothing buzzing sound of my PC, all cozy, warm and dry. I like rain. It’s cute, you know?

(Me, desert bred. What’s that mad woman doing taking pictures of the floor?)

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  1. Dar

    go see Irbid !

  2. el 7amdolellah

  3. Those could have been my pictures!!my jeans was just as wet(only my shoes were high heels with pointy pointy tips,haha),the pics i took with my mobile were unbelievable,i saw a 3abbara (what do they call these in english?)that really looked like a flowing river it amazed,I don’t have the connection or I would have posted it.Thank God that was such a blessing yesterday,and di you see how clean our green is today?absolutely love it!

  4. as for us,we had a swimming pool at the entrance it was about 30 cm high

  5. we’re not even getting that much rain in canada!

  6. Roba, if you like rain, come on down here to South Lousiana. We can give you rain and all kinds of other stuff. :-)

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