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April 1, 2006

Perhaps one of my least favorable habits (other than what my friend referred to today as simple “madness”) is my inability to understand, tolerate, or appreciate humor.

Yeah, sure, I may enjoy insider jokes and occasional sarcasm, but for the most part, I think people who try to be funny should be shot. A person is either funny- or he’s not (sa7 Lina?), and I’ve only managed to meet a few people worthy of being called funny (at least as far as my taste in humor is concerned), while all the rest are just , you know, not funny.

That naturally makes today my least favorite day in the year- even worse than Valentines’.

Today is April 1st- April Fool’s Day.

Fortunately, my brother’s apparently forgot, because I was spared the foolishness (although it’s a rule of thumb in the family to never joke with Roba, because Roba ma btit7amal maze7). I also was lucky enough to have spent most of my day offline, because otherwise, I would have read all the April Fool’s jokes sprawled across my much loved World Wide Web, and being the serious, completely gullible person that I am, I would have believed them all. Yeah, I’ve actually done that before, only to find out that such and such was an attempt at being funny months later.

Anyhow, have I recently mentioned that I love Wikipedia? I just really like serious places, and it is a place serious enough to seriouslize this foolish day and treat it as a “Current Event”, listing, as facts, all the silliness that I might have very easily believed if I was online today. My favorites:

  • Slashdot incorporated a pink “OMG!!! Ponies!!!” theme at 00:00 UTC. This girlish theme is in stark contrast for a techie website believed to be mostly frequented by male nerds.
  • Technorati’s top searches include Microsoft Bob, Apple Newton, PointCast, HyperCard, and other outdated technologies
  • Microsoft enthusiast Robert Scoble announced that he’s leaving Microsoft to work for Google.
  • The Economist announced that GeneDupe is working on genetically engineering such mythical creatures as dragons, unicorns, and gryphons.

Are you laughing yet, ha ha? Yes? No? Yes?


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  1. MD

    I hate April 1st on the web. Although I thought Google Romance was pretty funny – most of it drives me nuts.

  2. butthead

    ummm..its like i was a fan ah.but now i am not…

  3. it doesn’t even have this bright history with Arabs/Muslims as well — It’s actually something happened back in the old days i think in spain…


    I never mentioned it,
    until this stupid joke came up about another guy having an accident and breaking his hand. He got his share of smacking and punching! LOL

    I hate the day too,
    i’m a supporta! LOL

  4. I hear you Roba, I never liked this day either .. people tend to take in a higher dosage of silliness .. intolerable if you ask me!!!

    Newsflash; nothing is funny about making sick jokes for the sake of being funny … DUH!! .. NOT FUNNY!

  5. onzlo

    Oh my god! are you saying that you dont have a sense of humour!?

    That is quite sad… maybe you can find some humour development classes, or a joke appreaciation course or something?

  6. Hardee har har…

    Roobs, did you get that sms forward about getting married? It went around like crazy and had april fools written all over it.. funny I fell for it though :-(

  7. Agreed, I’m not a huge April Fools fan.

    But I couldn’t get through life without my sense of humour. So much about life is just absurd that you have to laugh about it. Like when I’m having a shit morning and then I drop my toast and it falls butter-side down. It’s such a cliche, you just have to laugh. Or else you’ll cry.

    Humour is such a powerful tool – it’s a great way to get people to listen to what you’re saying without realizing it. Have you ever heard any Bill Hicks? Politics mixed with biting wit. It takes serious smarts to do that so well.

    Anyway, I just reckon you’re underselling jokes.

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