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Experiment Take

Aim: Minimize presence of gray boxes in life and maximize figurines. White boxes represent stability.


Olive Oil


April 1, 2006


  1. umm,
    what is that?

    the figurine looks funny — She looks like she’s wearing a pregnancy dress or sth! hehehe

  2. maaaaaaaaan! This this is rally ,,, YOU!
    its you,
    its Ur life and the environment ur living in!
    This is you always there in the middle, with that warm red, (of course ur thinner than the figurine ;)

    Its white all around, even whity is white so that she aint appearing…

    & That lil gray box is the fact that u live in a realistic life, where if no failure means no nature…. not forgetting that its the gray u right ur thoughts with,

    this is you, deep in side of your head!

    Awesome piece of work!

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