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Today I bought a French book on contemporary Palestinian artists. I don’t know half a word of French (the book wasn’t available in the Palestinian native language, Arabic, nor was it available in the language I grew up reading, English) – but I’m going to read it (somehow).

Work of art above is Identity Theory by Annette Lemieux. Intense isn’t it?

(It is rude to be too direct)




Olive Oil


  1. Lol.reminds me when I bought a book about Architecture in Italien

    Dont hesitate in asking if you need any help with the french;)

  2. J’espère que vous trouverez une manière de la lire Roba

    I have no clue about what iv just said h3h3h3

  3. Tareq

    I’m a contemporary Palestinian artist :)

  4. Quand j’etais a l’ecole, je parlais le francais comme les oiseaux :)

  5. J’aime l’Internet et traducteurs automatisés ;)

  6. Ohoud, aww, thanks!

    Tareq, lol, are you?

    Hamzeh, neither d I :P

  7. Annette Lemieux

    so what’s your comment, curious

  8. So, what was your comment on the piece reproduced of mine?

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