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Here’s a really interesting read,

Designers must write

use words“Sometimes I feel as though the right selection of words coupled with careful enunciation and timing is as graceful as a surgeon’s hands keenly manipulating life as though it were not complex in the slightest. Well, perhaps that’s a bit of an overstatement, but I don’t expect that many would argue that even a few well chosen words can wield more power than our most brutal weapons.”


De Paris




  1. Depeche Mode have a brilliant song about that as well.. “Enjoy The Silence”.

    Personally, words are a last choice. I’d feel much more certain and confident about something, learning it from a sight, a body move, a look. than a word.

  2. Right on,Roba.Thanks for the great link.I personally agree with both things,you have to sketch before you jump behind your screen,and you have to have the right words and reasoning behind every well- thought-of design.The coffe guy in my office is always making fun of me,he does not come in to my office twice and find me where he left me,I keep switching from computer desk to drawing board ,and he ends up havng to clean both every evening!

  3. She

    Roba, this quote is so true! The power of words is absolutely awesome. As a writer, I actually get excited and feel such genuine, incredible satisfaction when I create a sentence that works, a sentence that conveys so completely and accurately the thought that was floating around in my head. The subject matter itself becomes almost irrelevant as the writing just takes over. Does that make sense?

  4. Many thanks regarding the awsome post. I’ll keep an observation on your own website, i allready added it to own list :)

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