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De Paris

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Fantastically enough, my last class, which usually keeps me at school till around 4:30 or so, was cancelled today and I found myself leaving the University of Jordan at 2:00 PM.

The first thing that came to my mind was to head to Weibdeh to Darat Al-Funoon, because I have a lot of reading to do and nothing beats Darat Al-Funoon for a quiet, cozy place with a good collection of art books to keep me busy.

Weibdeh, Weibdeh, I adore Weibdeh to bits, except for the little fact that I still manage to get lost every time I go, and so, on my way to Darat Al-Funun, I found myself staring at Dowar Il Hawooz, magically re-named and re-decorated to become Square de Paris (it’s sort of funny that they called a circle a square, isn’t it?) Across from the Square de Paris lies another new addition to Weibdeh, “Librarie de Paris”, which I’ve been wanting to visit for a while, mislead by the “librarie” part into thinking that it’s an actual let’s-go-sit-to-read kind of library. Well, it turned out to be a cafe/bookshop, sort of like a Books@Cafe with French and Italian books.

It’s a cute place though, and I really like the French.

Anyway… upon discovering that the Librarie de Paris is not going to do me any good, I decided to make use of my time in Weibdeh; I took my Ayn Rand book out of my bag, sat on the benches spread around the Square de Paris, and dug into my book, right then and there.

It was wonderful! There were no stares, no vulgar comments, and the weather was perfect. I will certainly start to do that more often.

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  1. OK , the first to leave a comment.. lets see, I always get lost in Weibdeh as well… the streets all look the same and you can’t tell where or which street is one way or not!!

    Sure they should remove all the old buildings, houses, shops to the ground and rebuild the whole place into a modern , sharp with metals and stunning twentieth 1st century fox .. oops , view I mean. This apllies Jabal Al Hussein and ofcourse 1st~3rd circles ;)

  2. So will you move to Damascus then?

  3. Tareq

    Oh my God ROBA! I’m shocked!

    Remember I sent you that e-mail about your Amman pictures cheering me up?

    Well, those practically KILLED ME! I lived there! I lived in Al Weibdeh, I used to go to ‘Stop and Shop’ and ‘Automat’ practically everyday!

    I’m seriously dying here! lol :D

  4. Darat al fonon is one of my top 10 places in amman, problem is ,, i cant reach it upstairs after having my lunch in “al quds” restaurant :(

  5. Wallah wallah!
    No stares !!!!! ma32ool :D
    I have this place soon.
    I guess, Thank you Roba :)

  6. I heard that they named it Square de Paris coz Paris the one who payed for all the constructions in all weibdeh, go and check the square beside canvas!! same name too.
    by the way i live there so if you need help in directions dont hesitate to call me :)

  7. moi

    Looks like Spring weather has begun in Jordan. Spring weather + a good book = amazing day :)

  8. Ayyoub

    fadi k, dude whats up! you cant just like destroy everything, cause its the jordanian traditional buildings that you are seeing there? would you want to have jordan a zero culture country? hell no! and why is it a square, not a circle, thats urban design… and “space” (i concentrate on space) is called a square in urban terms :D so its not about the shape… its just the function of it, there are lots of details concerning it… but then again, i am too bored, and i have to finish my god damn report about the mountain!

    best of luck all!

    p.s. oh and another thing… it doesn’t look like paris a single bit… just cause they have the ornamental lamps doesnt mean it turned into a portal to paris or something :D

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