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A reason to love Syria

Other than the food, I absolutely love the Syrian ability to hang on to the heritage and modernize it without taking out the identity and the rich heritage. They rennovate ancient buildings and use them for restaurants, hotels, and even fashionable clothes stores, rather than demolish them.
Check these fantastic interior shots from the Villa Moda Boutique, a Kuwaiti franchise, that opened recently in Damascus.

Beautiful! I’m absolutely loving the red bright chandlier, the contrast with the sober stone behind it is amusing. Me wants the chandlier…

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  1. Creative and beautiful indeed

  2. :'( I love syria my family is there!!

  3. Uh oh, Ruba it just opened last Friday! I thought I’ll be the 1st to blog about it!
    It is really amazing how thy rennovated the old khan!

  4. Anonymous

    Wow! Its fantastic. I love the displays, the ambience seems to make for a much more pleasant and less frenetic shopping experience.

  5. Anonymous

    looks like fun, but could an American visit and not get stoned/stabbed/beheaded? I don’t mean to sound sarcastic–I really want to know if it is safe to visit.

  6. Anonymous

    I am an Architect that was born and raised and Damascus and have been living in New York City for years. I have to say that I felt so proud and happy to see old Damascus being preserved and converted into such a beautifull and trendy place. Let’s keep all that going. Syria has a lot to offer to the world. Very well done!

  7. syria love.. no comment

    another word. KUWAIT MADE IT NOT SYRIANS

  8. Anonymous

    Syria and Kuwait love..
    Why not!
    Isn’t it time to grow up and actually DO things together..
    Gread job guys, I love the place..

  9. i love aleppo aleppo live in uk

  10. Anonymous

    for the American asking,

    yes it IS safe,and thats coming from a single woman that visited the country and walked the street alone,i got lots of curiosity and the people are very very generous; shop owners offered me tea or rosewater, in the states a cent is a cent u must pay it,but in Syria i always seemed to be pardoned by the shop owners if i seemed to look for my money in my belongings. And almost anyone would love to flood you with historical facts (for some reason).

    just apply logic when traveling anywhere,tho i must say Europe made me much more conscious of my surroundings than in Syria or turkey ,its not your house,but it is certainly a home, show people respect and they will reciprocate tenfold.

    enjoy the music!

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