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I can’t get over how cute this little dog is. I want him. I want him! I want him sooo bad.

I’ve always wanted a mohawk, I don’t have the guts to get one, so I’m totally considering giving Whitey one. She’d look extremely adorable with pink spikes wouldn’t she?



Urban Legends at Jordan University


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  1. whoa, thats the cutest thing ever :D
    and hey i see we share the love for the color red ;)

  2. I like him..
    If you get him, I’ll send Jameed over to clone him for me

  3. Omar, Jameed has dropped out of school. Stop rubbing salt on his open wounds.

    My question is however, why is fireFOX a dog?

  4. Bakkouz, gooo Red! ;)

    Iyas, he’s not a fox. He’s a dog with a mohawk. So Omar, bala cloning bala eshi, kol ras malha a razor and some BedHead Tigi red paint :D

  5. Poor cat Whitey!

  6. hmm…so a cat is a she..n a dog is a he…whn did we stop refering to animals as IT??!!

  7. Arent humans cruel?

    Balki this firfox dog doesnt like this type of haircut?lol. Maybe it isnt his style!:D

    Seriously, we are too dominating we humans:)

  8. Omar (brother)

    He’ll make good friends with whitey

  9. Gus

    He’s soo cute.. I’m ready to make the same thing to whitey :D

  10. That’s one cute little dog … love it

  11. Anonymous

    You got it wrong Roba, this is “jarab”, its contageous, lol

  12. she is sooo cute ;) maybe i’ll bring one :)

  13. What an adorable dog!… beyshbah Beckham!.

  14. Adorable.She must be really expensive,right?

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