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Polling for appointment

Have you visited the National Gallery in the past 2 years?


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Urban Legends at Jordan University


  1. Which one?!

  2. The Jordanian National Gallery :)

  3. am i the 1st one who voted with “Yes” or what?!

  4. Nasim :(
    Polling for (dis) appointment

  5. onzlo

    I went a few months ago, its actually pretty good.

    Perhaps the National Gallery should give itself more exposure by having some more events held there, and even allowing people to rent out space their for their own events e.g. receptions and dinner parties?!

  6. Gus

    I was actually surprised that the ppl saying no would be more than the people saying yeah..

  7. After some thought, the answer was no :(, shame on me, but thanks to your post I just found out that they have a website, and its not too bad either, impressed

  8. Onzlo, yes, I agree with you. The art situation in Jordan isn’t being helped by anyone- not education, not society, and not the artists themselves. You should visit the National Gallery sometime soon. They have this fantastic exhibition about Alexander the Great. Beautiful.

    Gus, I’m surprised that 10 people said yes! I was pinning for a huge disappointment.

    Keko, tab yay, hay fee faydeh minni ;) Does their website work? I’m actually a little disappointed by it… it’s full of bugs. I have a post about the National Gallery somewhere… wait… let me dig it up… here you go:


  9. Unfortunately, I’ve given up having high expectations of Jordanian establishments, so just the fact that it existed and loaded, was impressive enough for me :), I do wish they put the effort into improving the site and its content, there is a lot web design talent in Jordan and its reasonably priced.
    You seem to have an eye for design, you should send them a quotation?

    And “faydeh minik” I would not go that far ;)

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