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Universal Connections

What is the difference between analogue and digital, physical and virtual? What connects and bridges these apparently different worlds?

(None to me)

I find the concept of this project completely and insanely tantalizing, teasing the personal indifference I feel towards difference. What difference? My life is too digitzied.

(Is that bad?)

These objects and products that are surprising, enlightening, inspiring and questioning, sometimes even amusing.

(Culture of the indifferent, universal connections but empty none the less. I’m getting depressed)

Hitting painfully close to home.

a snapshot from summer, your favorite gig, your first time or your last flirtation. do you want to click through your memories or bury them?

what’s more significant – what we see or what it means? object or content?

no access for unauthorized persons.

any more secrets?

are we suited to one another? are we really compatible? how long will it last? it’s all about give and take – synchronize!

data injection

plastic, steel and glass. where should the data go?

what are our essential needs? what do we really need for surviving?


(Check the rest of the objects out here)




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  1. What’s the deal with the poetic prose in these last two posts?

    Experimenting? Cool :)

  2. this is fantastically surreal. they should install a USB port on out buttocks to get that injection

  3. I really like the new school “And Far Away…”

    Thanks, Roba.

  4. raj

    LOL “this is fantastically surreal. they should install a USB port on out buttocks to get that injection”

    Reminds of an event from my childhood. In the town I grew up in, there were quite a few stray dogs. If a person ever got bit by one, he/she had to take a course 14 injections, one per day, to avoid Rabies (this was back in late 70s early 80s)

    Mind you they were no sissy 1 inch recyclable injections we have today; they were 3 or 4 inches long. Boiled in hot hot hot water right before they filled it and poked it in your butt.

    I got bit by one such dog when I was too young to choose a healthier way to answer nature’s call in the middle of my sleep. Which is walking to the bathroom instead of wetting my bed.

    I walked home, in pain, with my leg bleeding. I wanted to hide it from my mother because I was afraid of the 14 days injection course. Alas! my mother walked in on me while I was cleaning up my wound with Dettol (antiseptic liquid)

    My phobia of needles conspired with me to blame a friend of mine for the bite marks. I knew my friend will get in trouble. Which he did. I knew I will lose him as a friend for falsely accusing him. Which I did.

    If only there was a painless, high speed, plug n’ play way for transferring anti-Rabies medicine in my butt in those days. I would’ve had one more friend in this world.

  5. i wonder how the data will flow through the tap??
    the trash is nahfeh as well.

  6. moi

    Very interesting. I like the tie and belt (on the website), very convenient, hehe.

  7. Very nice and creative.

  8. Ziad, lol, I guess I’m in the mood, creative juices running high :P Which is weird… cause I have sooo many “creative” projects that I don’t know how I have so many juices to spare! :)

    Tololy, ha! The idea is interesting :D

    Dave, thank you!

    Raj, hahaha. Thanks for recounting that story :) It really made me laugh. And if only there is painless, high speed, plug n’ play solutions for transferring many medicines these days as well… Wishful eh?

    Ghaloosh, well, it’s just conceptual… and that actually refers to the neccessities of life.. water, electricity, and usb ports!

    Moi, haha, isn’t it? I thought that was quite awesome myself :)

    Yazeed and Bilotee, glad you guys enjoyed.

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