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مخفر؟ مغفر؟

Blogged by Guest blogger Omar(the brother) on this dashing blog (Roba made me say that).

هذا إل بوست دون “باي” سيباويه دار العاصي

عمر: (بضحك بصوت عالي) هشام بقول إنو مخفر إلشميساني بتنكتب بال”غ” يعني بتسير “مغفر” هاهاهاها, يا مفصوم!!!

ربى: إنت إلمفصوم! شو مخفر هاي؟! مغفر طبعاً !!!

عمر: (لسه بضحك بصوت عالي) طبعا؟ طب هاتي نسأل باسم

ربى: مهوه باسم أهبل منك….إسأل تيته

عمر: مخفر خاوه و تيته بتصلي

let’s Google itربى:

عمر: يلا



عمر: هاهاهاهاهاهاهاهاهاهاهاهاههاهاهاهاهاهاهاهاههاهاهاهاهاهاها
عمر: جوز هبايل


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  1. Dar

    lol that was funny , bs to get this clear , kam 3omor abtal el qesah ?!
    CheeerZ! ®

  2. um.. 18+

  3. LOL!

    You make my Arabic seem pretty decent ;p

    Thnks! :)

  4. haha roba inti o hisham bedko akamenn dars “taqwiyeh” bil 3arabi

    and taqwiyeh is written in “qaaf” not ghain

  5. Omar (brother)

    I told her ive been there, I know how its spelled, turned out i was right… i was crackin up for hours

  6. hehehe..
    actually i think they should change it to “maghfar”..
    no one say “makhfar” anyways!

  7. Anonymous


  8. Husam

    I’m new to this weblog thing, i had a hunch this thing can add up to my knowledge, now i got the prove. And seriously maybe half the population here at least pronounce it as maghfar, for example you say ghafeer not khafeer! as “nadi 3l khafeer!!” , yes i think it should be changed to ghain. but the problem is that the police station and the act of ghafara are considerably contradicting! anyhow just thoughts.

  9. husam

    Roba, you said in your previous post you will migrate to wordpress, why you dont like blogger? im thinking about starting a blog, hope your advice will be for free, not based on my past :P

  10. بلا بشرفك ما بتعريفي أنو مخفر يا روبا!

  11. Husam, blogger is excellent. I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now and it never gave me trouble. It’s also great for someone just starting a blog… I want to move to WordPress because I want more control over my files.

  12. wow, i can imagine omar doing that to me. i probably would’ve beat him up. lol.

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