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When I saw these vases that are modelled after a person’s profile, I thought, “Man, how very Escher, I want one!”

The whole “Vase or profile” deal is a pretty cool use of negative and positive space if it hasn’t become so kitsch thanks to the blessing of forwards, which manage to tack even the awesomest stuff up. But still, equipping this concept in the real phsyical world is a fascinating idea, is it not? Especially when it’s presonalized to your own profile!

At 150 bucks though, it is way over priced for an ugly wooden vase, cool concept or otherwise. So I thought I’d equip my much loved Adobe Suite to check out how my profile would look as a vase (Illustrator rocks doesn’t it?), only to realize that I absolutly hate my profile.

Check that out! That’s not something I would display. Yeah, no $150 dollar vase for me.

Yet again, I spent an entire year in an Fine Arts Foundation year, and I absolutely miss getting my hands dirty with charcoal and clay, so maybe that should be an experiment I should undertake. It really should be quite simple… Man… I also miss drawing! We spent a while drawing selfportraits with mirrors and stuff, I think I drew my profile once. I had promised myself after I finished that year that I will continue to draw, but I haven’t really sat down and drawn anything ever since. That’s terrible isn’t it? But first off, I need to finish all my midterm projects then redesign this blog and migrate to WordPress.


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  1. wordpress is awesome and blogger sucks big donkey dick. One problem though: The 2.0 version doesn’t have text colors, which is weird. I am trying to get the plug-in for it. My It guy will hook it up he said. If you want it when you do your move, let me know.

  2. Anonymous

    A lady cussing is such a turn off !

  3. Hi.. Will be more than happy to model your profile for you .. send it over .

  4. LOL, Fadi, thanks, but that is my profile :)

  5. It’s red :)

  6. i know ;)

  7. There are still other colors a L’arc en ciel …

  8. انتي على رأي المثل: الوان الطيف سبعه. احمر . احمر فاتح . احمر داكن. بطيخي. زهري

  9. Fadi hehe, you cracked me up. And indeed my friend, indeed. Long live the shades of red!

  10. I use a lot of red at work & to me, red objects are tagged to the expanding universe through redshifts :)

    So enjoy all the red things around :)

  11. All the red :)

  12. husam

    Hi, i can do it for you, half the price, delivery after one week, shipping is free within Amman borders, you can choose a material, either Wood, Plastic, or Aluminum. I highly suspect your face projection image is 3/4 the real scale, I can modify it to 1:1 scale then use it. Offer valid for two weeks ;)

  13. this is tooo cool roba! i swear if you made these in jordan people would love it. think about it ;)

  14. Since you mentioned Escher, I thought you might like this.

  15. Husam, lol, awesome, I totally appreciate the offer. But I’m afraid that 75 bucks is still wayyy over a college students vase budget! Thanks though.

    Dave, oh, yeah. That’s quite interesting.

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