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im hating 2006 it started off with this ultimate sweet and terribly sour incident chinese for dinner too that day (love you) its continuing with an antisocial mood that I havent experienced in years where I just cant stand anyone and everyone im also taking too many classes and that can never be good can it? too many too much
(weekend finally been waiting for it all week I can sleep!)
but I know that I will spend most of my weekend sitting on this chair working on some of the way-too-many projects I have to do just as I spent most of this evening blue or gray? tabs or sidebar? coated paper or tracing paper bleh i hate being a perfectionist I also know that sitting too long in front of the screen will get me to start depressing over how empty my life has been during the past several months or so then I will open my really huge picture folder and move on to think about how there’s this really good side to being obsessively in love with one’s camera as all the pictures taken every day are a living proof that even the littlest moments in the past month were full and the past few months werent as empty as i thought they were

You know, this year hasn’t been so bad after all.

zooksie 492
February 16. Two Italianos, an English girl, an American-suburbia raised Arab, and 2 locals, exchanging cross-culture cuss words. Felt like 6th grade.

zooksie 515
March 11. Vandalism, I know. But it’s making everything prettier, isn’t it? Man, that class is so boring. I won’t tell you what that class is though because I can’t get myself to admit that I don’t appreciate fine music. So boring. So boring.

JU 164
January 12. The boys. They amaze me. I wish I had a sister.

zooksie 495
March 5. I can’t tell you how much I hate that room. It depresses me. Dude, who paints walls GRAY? I spend at least 2 hours a weekday in it though, which may account for my terrible mood. One day I’m going to paint pink Book@Cafe style flowers all over it’s walls.

zooksie 542
March 11. Saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while.

zooksie 349
January 30. I found this juice being sold in some off beat dokaneh, and was immediately flooded with childhood memories. I consumed so much of this juice as a child in Riyadh. It was always cold. Really cold. Perfectly refreshing for desert weather.

zooksie 072
February 2. She’s always sleeping. Always. People claim we spike her food. I love her though. I really do.

zooksie 042
January 7. I love walking in Jabal Amman, especially with persons whose company I enjoy and who don’t mind my amusement and need to take pictures of everything.

JU 149
January 27th. 5:32PM +2 GMT.

zooksie 341
February 18. Absolutely love my new shoes.

bay 10713
January 17th. I hate mobile games.

March 3. Funny? What’s funny?

February 12. Pre-Jordan Planet meet-up. Bad day. Only good part was a podcast-worthy discussion later on. And being in a speeding car that fell into a bump which had me scream all my frustration away.

zooksie 357
February 21. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Especially when painted with white wall paint. Not for consumption.

zooksie 088
January 25. Cold. Cold. Cold. So. God. Damn. Cold. But. My. Friend. Had. To. Wash. The. Car. Brr.

zooksie 013
February 05. A nice little hill in inner Abdoun over looking Jabal Amman and Ras Il Eein. A chat.

bay 10740
January 12. Resting in the car between classes.

JU 1g22
February 9. Share3 Il Ordon, where sunsets are gorgeous.

(P.S. This post is completely experimental. Much love! And oh, yeah, it’s March 17th.)




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  1. those shoes are sooooo cute! love them!

  2. I love the freestylin’! Nice experiment, and I would say, well-executed. :)

  3. kinzi

    I love the visual proof that your life is far from empty! Hang in there, girl!

  4. Share3 el Urdon is the most beautiful for a drive anytime of the day.

    Great post Roobs, I love your experimental style.. keep clicking away with that camera, life is in the details, right? :)

  5. i like the last picture alot,i like everything about it

  6. this blog is coool again…thumbs up

  7. Amusing post:)

    keep experimenting!

  8. Great pictures!
    Dear Roba, you have given me the real prespective of your country since I visited your cool blog.
    keep posting.

  9. moi

    Great pics Roba, cheer up :o)

  10. Thanks guys!

    Linda, awww! Thanks babe! A lot of people have told me otherwise :(

    Lina, it is isn’t it? I love that road.

    Miner, great :)

  11. the pic of share3 el 2orden is extremly nice.

  12. I love this post. I’m so glad your a camera adict! You’re life is so full, I don’t know how you have energy for it all!

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