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Color Cube

The reason I’m posting this is completely unknown to me. I only know that every time I enter my room, I stop and actually admire the color for prolonged periods of time.

bay 161

zooksie 485

bay 162


The most beautiful thing about Windows




  1. lovely colors, you have the right to admire it. I painted my room the shades of green, red i think makes you go cookoowawa,

  2. Ziad D.

    I am afraid it is too late for Roba Sabri… :)

  3. I am not so redish person! sorry…

    But everybody around Jordan knows that you adore red.. no need to post about it ;)

  4. Anonymous

    This is not red, it’s hot pink!

  5. Roba,I know you’re a minimalist,but,hello?your room is EMPTY?!Love the colors,did you paint it yourself ?the edges need a bit of sarpening as do my rooms in the new house.and is that a sort of striped effect you made in the red?I want to do that in my salon area but was thinking wider stripes,come to think of it narrower is nicer.

  6. Anonymous : Redish colors .. hot pink or whatever .. kolloh a7mar :)

  7. the curtains are amazing..

  8. Sabri, Ziad, Fadi- haha! kukoo is good ;) and red is good…. but this is pinkish maroon :P

    Anon, you’re right!

    Salam, haha, well, these pictures were taken back in June or something before we moved in :) My room is such a complete mess now that I’d be embarrassed to post it…And oh yeah, the stripes are awesome right? I wanted thicker at first too, but then when I thought about it, once there is furnishing, this is the best width, because imagine that the furniture stops a few centimeters beneath the lower edge. I’ll send you a picture with the furniture if you’re interested.

    Ghaloosh, thank you! They’re actually Indian saris :)

  9. yes roba,please send me a picture of the room furnished,and how thick are the lines?around 2cms maybe?

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