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The most beautiful thing about Windows

Right click.

Man, it’s so satisfying.

(Yeah, yeah, I know about the Mighty Mouse, but do you think the J of U invested in those? No, sir.)


The Sultan Amin Sultan Experiment


Color Cube


  1. I agree, it is satisfying, but I go for the Ctrl+Z (Undo)… it gives you the chance to risk your work…big time :D

  2. Hmm, Yay, I agree with you Roba!

  3. Linux has right click! one that you can even start a shell from it and hack your kernel ;)

  4. you can right-click on Mac o_O
    use any 3-button usb mouse, it doesn’t have to be Apple :P
    I use a microsoft mouse with the macs at college. how ironic ^-^

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