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Why Wikipedia Rocks

My brother was Googling a cousin of mine, Shakeeb Dallal, and came upon this Wikipedia article on my grandfather, who was also called Shakeeb Dallal.

I didn’t know any of these things about him.

It’s just the most amusing feeling in the world when you discover stuff about your own grandfather on the collaborative, anonymous bits and bytes of digital web space.


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  1. you must be proud of that!

  2. Wow .. this wiki system seems to have no boundaries..
    I get more amazed day after day .. information in that site is Invaluable..
    Like I was searching about history of some cosmetic surgeries the other day.. and accidently found a very rich and detailed page about the history of shaving .
    shaving for god sake ..
    Any way it sure deserves the donation I made for …

  3. waoo, that’s a great feeling to see that his amazing life and his journey is recognized in such a way.

    I agree with Abu 7amarneh…I am sure you are proud of him…allah yir7amo.

  4. geddo kan monadel. :)

  5. I doubt i could find something about my family in wikipedia :(
    be proud of it :)

  6. shee byirfa3 iras ya Roba!

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