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Hetta Extravaganza

Fantastic isn’t it? Anyone knows where such a thing is available in Amman?

[Via KabobFest]


Women in the eyes of Arab artists


The. Most. Annoying. Word. In. The. English. Language.


  1. Nops , sorry.. bas it’s a sar3a :)

  2. tafseel; my wife has a skirt made of a shmagh.

  3. it’s creative..though i still dont get how the red 7atta has suddenly became the symbol of jordan a thing that i’m not really satisfied with..

  4. yes! do it your self,,, i know a good spot to mine for the raw material.. downtown… post your products ;)

  5. hey roba,

    yeah those are cute. i am looking to get more info on the designer because she is a succesful palestinian woman and her work has made it into the miss america pageant i heard. im looking to see if there is a possible story idea here for my work, so if i talk to her ill find out where you can purchase these, though i am sure you got ideas how to get one from the comments above ;)

  6. Createve idea but too westernized.

    In order not to be negative, let me explain my thoughts:

    We, as Palestinians, both Christians & Muslims, have social guidelines. This design is way too revealing. As much as I like the idea of reviving the Hatta and using in creative ways, I just can’t give this piece as a gift to anyone, or even hang it on my wall.

    Sophisticated and well-educated people at times seem to focus too much on the abstract great idea and not give any attention to the real and “common” effects of their works. This is true especially when it comes to choice of clothing.

    Please take what I say as a brotherly advice. Looking “sexy” for women, might be an assuring & strengthening feeling. However, for men, it’s just extremely teasing and weakening. The one of us can put up with this feeling when he has to. But it hurts when it comes from our own.

    Finally, think, where did this “cut” come from? The material is palestinian, but the cut, the design,… we never see it in Palestinian history, or even Arab history. This piece carries more “western heritage” than Palestinian spirit.

    Not trying to be negative.. great idea, but I hope for a more conservative design.
    M Arrabi

  7. Arrabi, you speak as if there are young women in Jordan or otherwise who are running around wearing clothing that are of a Palestinian/Jordanian cut.

    The precise reason I like this shirt is because it’s Westernized. As much as I love our heritage, Arab clothing (for example, the mtarraz tobe) is neither practical for daily use nor is it within the financial reach of your run-of-the-mill college student. A Westernized and simple design such as this, which is what everyone wears anyhow minus the hetta print, would enable regular young women to embed a part of our lovely culture in our daily way of dress.

    As for the modesty, your opinion and my opinion are two of many. I personally wouldn’t wear this without wearing a longer top beneath it, but that’s only saying something for myself. Social guidelines are very flexible these days, depending on social class and place. Sleeveless tops and the baring of midriffs is not uncommon, and isn’t considered provocative in a considerable amount of scenes in Amman.

  8. Very nice i love it :)

  9. hmm…wast il balad?

  10. Well, Hatta (Kufeyeh, Shmagh, or rag as some like to call it) has become a symbol. You now have anti-globalization activists in Euorpe, N.America, S.America wearing it!

    Now, I personally think that people should wear whatever they like to as far as it is decent and not provocative! So what’s wrong of adopting “Western” clothes? After all these Arabic head gears with such patterns are nothing of what my forefathers wore, but hey what is wrong with wearing that?

    So this is a marriage between two different cultures, and it’s awesome,why would anyone be against it?!

    Now regarding the modesty issue, Arrabi it seems you have not been in Amman for a while now!
    Though I personally think girls should be modest, but after all everyone is free to wear what they like.

    Good luck wearing that in Wehdat!

    You could start your own business, find a tailor welling to do such line and you could sell it at your Uni. Claim that you are raising funds for a good cause and you are trying to get young people into politics and being patriotic and stuff, so hopefully you will be arrested and locked “far away” for a long time so we could finally have peace from your controversial and liberal blog that is aiming to corrupt our nation.

    Be Patriotic and a chick, buy your gear Now! http://www.HattaBet3a‘

  11. May

    well.. ive conducted a whole project on the hatta becoming a fashion item.. and this designer is called Nemi Jamal, she is originally palestinian who lives in the states, i have tried to contact her during my project yet the furthest i got is to one of her past collegues who forwarded my interview email to her. unfortunately i didnt get a reply, but i got interesting outcomes for my project anyway..which i have posted on my blog if anyone is interested, and i have done a thesis on that aswell..coz everyone in england wears it without knowing its origins..

  12. Firas, controversial?!

  13. Roba, I am being sarcastic?!

    This is in reference to the other posts and some replies you got!
    Your blog is enlightening, and some may wish you to stop!
    I support your much needed calls and opinions!

    Geez, I thought you would get the joke, oh well.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. LOL Firas, don’t overreact :P I was just wondering out of sheer curiousity because I consider you controversial yourself.
    Glad to see someone doesn’t want me locked up ;)

  15. Really?
    Me controversial? D’oh!
    And I thought that everyword I utter is beyond any contestation.
    Thanks for letting me know the truth :D

    So is it in a positive way or a negative way? :p
    Well any publicity is good publicity.

    MUSIC MOOD: Overkill– Lazlo Bane

    PS: Nice blog you have!

  16. well robeee in incubus video clip “make a move” the drummer was wearing a black 7atta. and in one of Gwen stephanie’s video clips a dancer was wearing one too… but i’ve been told that it has nothing to do with us it only symbolizes anti-globalization!!! ya sitty… mish far2a… ilmohim inno i’m gonna make a fuschia 7atta ;D

  17. I guess I saw this Name in Zara Center, I guess it’s there somewhere

  18. yee where’s zara center? i want! zara as in the spanish zara in sweifyeh? i was there a few weeks ago and they had nothing like this..

  19. Abeer

    Yay! it would match the cute adidas shoes that you once designed!
    so funny! i remember Iyas commented a similar comment back then! :)

  20. suhad

    LOL …too schizophrenic :)

  21. fashion know it all

    This has been done so many times before by many arab and even european designers. This designer Jamal is NOT any special. Actually anyone who does not know how to sew too well can make that top… I did back in 2002 and sold them in Virginia, USA to my college friends… So before you jordanians go around raving about ‘sar3at’ in fashion, please PLEASE keep up with style!!! And it is NOT in 3abdoun as you all may think…

  22. fashion know it all

    And NOT everything ‘westernized’ suits us arabs as our bodies are made differently than those of brazilian, european and american models. We have curves, whether we like it or not and unless you have hips and abs like the model in that picture, PLEASE DONT wear anything like that!!! The ‘thob mtarraz’ was made for women with that body type.. and all you 20-something year old perky chicks will have that plump body in 10 years as soon as you have your first child.. so I suggest you start shopping for those thobs coz they will be the ONLY thing that will do your bodies good then…

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