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Stop. Think. Love.

I still use cassettes.
I Limewire a dozen mp3s, burn them into CDs, and then I “burn” cassettes out of the CDs. These cassettes all find a loving, welcoming place in the trunk of my car, because I never really get to use them as I use the iPod when I’m driving alone and listen to the radio when I’m with my friends who absolutely can’t stand my taste in music.
Yet, I just can’t get myself to give up the cassettes, and month after month, the cassettes keep piling up.
But here’s someone who found a much more efficient way to use them; Transparent House creates a tribute to an object of their 80’s youth (and this is where I stop and contemplate the fact that an 80’s toddler uses cassettes in the new millennium).


Ahhh… awesome! Tape Lamps, lamps made of audio cassette tapes.


A classic No. 2 correctly positioned behind the right ear


Tag, tag, taggeyeh.


  1. Nas

    anyone who’s ever left a tape on their car’s dashboard and returned to find it melted by the hot jordanian sun will know that this lamp will self destruct in about 20 minutes :-D

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome, mashaAllah. I have a certain love for tapes that I cannot get over.

    Also, found this, and thought it might interest you (or spark a thought in you?):

  3. Love it!

  4. She

    I’ve still got nearly every cassette I’ve ever owned, going back to when I was a little kid in the 70s – I could probably build a small home with the number of cassettes that I’ve got! Of course, I’d probably be embarrassed to share some of them with the outside world…

  5. Anonymous

    well, I think I’ll never get over tapes, because simply, I can’t afford a CD player for my car…:) lol

  6. Aaah… You reminded me of my old Bon Jovi, Poison and Deff Leppard cassettes :)

  7. Roba i have so many tapes to in storage and I do not know what to do with them. Some of the greatest songs are on those tapes.

    I wish they can come up with a machine that allows you to transfer your tapes to cds! now that would be awesome, because then i could take the CD and download it onto my computer, into my itunes, and then onto my ipod. life would be great then!

  8. Anonymous

    erm , just a note …

    Cassette tapes are recorded ..not ‘burned’

    only dvd’s and cd’s are burned. Because the recording on them is an actualy burning process.

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