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Power to the People

Enough about art. Here are some blogs that are in my RSS reader and that I absolutely enjoy:

  • من أجل التغي
    Making a Difference

    The blog of Jordanian journalist Batir Wardam, this blog is encompassed between two phrases that I couldn’t agree more with, “العقل والمعرفة والعلم هي أسس التقدم والتغيير” and “التعصب والانغلاق الديني والفكري هو أساس كل التخلف في العالم العربي”.
  • Deus Ex Machina
    Deliciously dramatic blog of a Jordanian actor.
  • أخبار البيئة
    أول نشرة إخبارية عربية يومية تعنى بشؤون البيئة
  • Reflections on Islamic Art and Architecture
    Title says it all. I’ve mentioned it before, and it never ceases to inspire me.
  • Mysterious Eve
    Eve amazes me. She has such a *thinking about how to word this without sounding freaky* a “sensitivity” to all that is around her. I absolutely love reading her blog.
  • From This Side of the Window
    I know I’ve written about this blog before, but I love it so much that I can’t help but include it again.
  • Tech2Click
    I love the fact that this blog is in Arabic, is completely technical, and is maintained by a Saudi chicka. Power to the women!


Stop. Think. Love.




  1. شكرا لك ربى على هذه اللفتة الطيبة. مدونتك انت ايضا تستحق التنويه والاشادة وانا من المواظبين على زيارتها بانتظام
    مودتي وتقديري.

  2. Eve

    Roba, I’m so flattered by your comment! 3an jad :) Kudos to your great job on toot and on ur blog as well.

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