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Bullet Massage

Ok, so this is slightly sadistic, but it looks absolutely awesome and the concept (at least in my own head) is rather tantalizing. Fully Loaded, designed by Alexander Reh, is a minimalist frame with a seat made from 450 .12 gauge shotgun shells. Reh says the brass tips create a massaging texture.

Fullyloaded 2Fullyloaded 1

Nice. I can see this chair in a white room with one bright orange wall and a cool brass coffee table…


I want this now now now now


Bitching Session


  1. this is not a comment as much as its a secret,,, its the reason behind this picture,, we where in a farm in Madaba for barbeque and hunting using pistols and shot guns and no one got a single target, even form close distance, i was mad to this extent coz of that

  2. Ziad D.

    I hope the person that sits on the chair doesn’t pass gas. Could prove very dangerous… :)

  3. Hey robee I saw your flikr pics and I must say AWSOME my friend lives in Jordan (irbid) and I really wanted to know what its like over there for him and You really captured the essence of ur country and I well enjoyed all of it!
    But lets not talk about your excellent workmanship…and more about this chair I dont believe that he is the creator of this radical design maybe he is with the bullet shells and all but I saw a very similar pop art design in Croatia this summer when i was touring ..
    Ya a very similar design You can check out that pic and all my pics from summer at that page aswell :) hope to hear from you! CAoo Roba:)

  4. waaaw, I wish i had one at office, especially at office, we spend all our life time working and sitting behind a desk:(

  5. Anonymous

    so hamzeh, what in the world does ur pic have anything to do with the chair?

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