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During my first semester at the UofJ, my daily parking experience was something worse than the “Suffi, Suffi” scenario. There were actually days where I had to have friends (and ok, random people on the street) drive my car out of an extremely tight spot, and others where I would get so frustrated at the lack of proper parking spots that I’d skip school altogether and just go back home.

But yeah, that was only the first semester, because if the UofJ doesn’t teach you anything at all, it will at least teach you how to successfully squeeze your car into the tightest, most inappropriate spots, while all the while practically equipping every inch of the parking lot’s surface area so as to fit the most cars possible.

Let me illustrate with some images from my “Karajat il jam3a” collection, which I’ve actually been collecting for years:

I took this picture this morning, and although it was a heck of a freaky park, I absolutely love the chaos! It’s hilarious, isn’t it? Some of the cars are diagonally parked, others are horizontally parked, and you have 4 rows of cars in a parking lot that’s designed for two rows.

Same parking lot, less chaos, but still quite terrible.

There aren’t any two cars that are actually aligned properly, and there is no horizontal/vertical organization.

zooksie 410
A sea of cars…

Around the Science’s gate, I know it doesn’t appear like a terrible park in the picture, but trust me, it is.


Finish classes only to realize that some van had closed off my way out… we got my car out in the end, but it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. The awesomest part about this picture is that my mother was stuck in the SAME situtation (where a van was closing off her way) and in the SAME parking spot in 1979 (but she wasn’t as lucky, a group of guys had to lift her car into a diagonal position).

Again, no car alignment.

zooksie 409
Triple parkings, lack of alignment, and random parking allotment.

Now, who agrees that they seriously need to invest in some land for student parking?
مأساة il parking at Jordan University.


Table Rundown


I want this now now now now


  1. Ziad D.

    Is this parking lot a designated paid parking area? If so, the school owes you and the other students better parking. You should organize some sort of petition to have this issue resolved. I am sure you will find a lot of students who share the same frustrations with you.
    My suggestion (that is if the school cannot allocate sufficient funds for improvements): is to provide designated parking attendants that can queue cars in a formation that allows them to retrieve your car upon request. Simply put, you pull in, they take your car keys and park your car for you. In return, you provide them with an estimate of how long you plan to stay at school that day. This will give them a rough idea how “deep” inside the lot your car will be parked. In other words a Valet system.
    I should run for “Dean of Parking” when I return. lol.

  2. Roba ya Roba,
    all y3enik 3ala hal 7aleh! I thought we had it bad but that doesn’t even compare. Are there lines outlining the parking spots? Is there some sort of parking police going around ticketing illegaly parked cars?
    Is the parking free?
    sorry for aksing so many questions, but that sort of chaos really gets me worked up!

  3. That’s terrible , I am not a student but they always get me in in my car to the campus whenever I go to UJ so I never realized that you guys face a terrible headach trying to park your cars safely.

    The traffic jam in Univ. street is something I always try to avoid everyday especially between 8-9 am & 4-6 pm ..

    It’s never OK to park outside , right?

  4. Here is a simple solution: better public transportation system and a change in students’ mentalities to use public transportation.

    But really, the situation has gotten a lot worse in the last 5 years

  5. Allah ye3enkom

    We were lucky at JUST to have our own parking lot, but now they closed it off only for public transportation and made a new parking a whole lot further.

    I seriously now think of only taking public at least its nearer to uni!

  6. Roba,

    Your back tire diagonally opposite the driver needs some air :)

  7. It seems that you and your mother have targeted by the same gange.. take care ;)

  8. ROBA:
    Well, you can park somewhere “faraway” and then walk.
    Why don’t you be a pioneer and ride a bike to school?
    Please get a pink one.
    Oil Addict

    The problem with public transportation is that it’s disorganized.
    I mean you could never know when is the next bus.
    Another thing, their routes are not clear at all!
    The Toyota coaster buses are ehind all the misrey on our streets.

    I am not sure if it’s worth in Jordan to invest in a subway network for Amman.
    Most places are scattered so you definitely need a car.

    Now, these Toyota coasters will throw you somewhere near home, so when you take a cab, the driver will usually give you this look: #$#%#$ 40 gersh, roh mashi!

    If you use more public tranportation then the environmentalists, liberals,commies will win, now do you want that jazak Allah khayran ya akhi?

  9. Oh wow this is too funny and I am so sorry. That realy is frustrating to want to leave yet someone is blocking you. why the madness? why?

    And i thought i had it terrible for parking when i was an undergrad. we have great parking lots, but not enough spaces. and what i used to do was hang around the parking lot, find a student who is leaving at the front of the lot and offer him or her a ride to their car and then walla i get their parking space. thats our rule. hehehehe. but i would only offer rides to girls to their cars becuase god forbid i offer a ride for a guy :P

  10. Cute car, but somehow I pictured you in something red… or pink.

  11. Two words: parking garage.

  12. eehh, that’s not the only problem, you always get a ticket, even if you are parking in such places :D
    They just keep on accepting big numbers of students with the same old parking spots.

    A forever problem

  13. O.A.

    You complain about the bus… but look at the first pic you blocked almost 10 cars, whereas the bus gave you some room to get out but you just blocked everyone…
    in my opinion IBTSTAHALI

  14. Gal ! That is some collection ! And I thought I had seen it all :D

  15. Anonymous

    what is zooksie? or should i ask who ;)

  16. Ziad, LOL, the idea of having a “Dean of Parking” is absolutely hilarious. I bet the “Dean of Parking” would have more work to do than any other dean :P The valet system sounds good.. but man, petitions? You’ve been out of Jordan for too long :)

    Omar, are there lines? I don’t know.. I never looked for lines.. If there are, they’re quite pointless. And no.. there’s no ticketing of course. Hehe, if there was, 3/4s of the cars would be ticketed :) Parking is not free either.

    Fadi, haha, sara7a safety isn’t an issue anymore, its more like.. I want a parking spot! regardless of whether its safe or not. Yeah.. we can’t park outside cause then we’ll get ticketed.

    Jameed, better public transportation should change mentality.. but ah, it’s 7aftaleh!

    Ohoud, yeah, whatever makes life easier :)

    Rami, lol, thanks, I can never notice these things… I’ll check it out!

    Khawaja, perhaps ;)

    Firas, the closest place to park would be over a 30 minute walk, and there’s already a good distance to walk from the parking lot to classes. And bikes in Amman? I wish.

    Linda, loool! I like the idea of that.. Not sure it would work here though :)

    Rebecca, I wish my car was red : I tried so hard to get a red car.. but alas, my attempts were futile.

    Dave, this is a parking garage!

    Nader, haha yeah.. It’s been going on since my moth’ers time and maybe before.

    OA, you’re shereer!!!! But haha, you cracked me up..

    Prithi, oh yeah :)

    Anonymous, Zooksie is a friend of mine who keeps telling me off for my random file naming system.

    forget about coaster buses, use urban buses, real public transportation…

    & Hey, the Public transportation sector is organized now in contrast with several years before, & IT should get better even ;) keep you fingures crossed for BiSCA!

  18. dozz

    aaaaaah!!!finally smeone who understands y im always late!!!
    same things goes at parking el handaseh…8:30 a.m…its full…9:30…the whole neighborhood is booked!!!..i always forget where the hell i put my car!!!
    solution : mayb smthg similar to tijara parks..thu it happens there too…..i dnt know…im just nt in favor of public transportation….itss…lets say…energy nt gud…

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