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Table Rundown


Although I’m more into minimalist design than floweriness and stuff, I thought this Tea Forté tea infusers set was a quite interesting repackaging attempt from the regular teabag. I like the triangular shape, and the whole concept of it sitting next to the cup rather than being inside of it. It gives tea an air of importance, does it not?

On the other hand, the float tea lantern and tea cups from New World Tea are precisely what I would serve my tea with if I’m ever rich. They’re absolutely beautiful, and they remove the terrible tea atittude (think Laura Ashley, zen, and yoga) and replace it with a cool and hip one. Nice.

salt+pepper big.jpg

Next, these awesome salt and Pe + (Pe)r shakers from Modern Poverty are fantastic, and the gorgeous rainbow pixelated dinnerware set from ElseWare are to die for! I think I’m in love with the plates… they’re so pretty! Ahhh…


All this said, I’m a terrible hostess.


The feminists




  1. I think I’m in love with the “Float Tea Lantern”. I’m a tea person and such “tea-presenting-and-drinking” delicacy is seductive.

  2. well lipton has launched a new collection of tea in the form of a pyramid, the tea bag is actully a pyramid…
    i liked the set, so nice…
    i’m a tea person myself..

  3. The Lipton pyramid tea bag thing was about 7 or 8 years ago… It was a major flop and the project was canned in less than a year. Never knew they brought it back.

    Nice photos Roba .. I am a tea person as well. (don’t drink coffee).. I have about 14 different flavors of tea in the kitchen (crazy i know :) )

  4. Marianne

    I just love the plates.

  5. I loved the salt and peper shakers. There is beauty in the world in places we never expect to see it in. I find the art of designing and advertising very interesting.

  6. I like the NaCl one , it’s simple.

  7. Very good! Great blog! Congratulatins! Embrances!

  8. I have a pepper/salt shaker fetish, therefore it is only natural that I prefer those items. I actually am a collector of those babies.

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