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Remember when I asked you guys to help me choose a poem for a certain project back in November? Yeah, this post belongs back in December, but well, I promised I’d share the results of that project, so here’s the post.

Although a lot of the suggestions offered were simply fantastic (especially the Sufi poetry), I decided in the end to go with a different type of poetry- Pink Floyd lyrics. Yeah, sure, you can launch an attack on how unappreciative I am of the finer things in life, I deserve it. I mean, I’m always telling people off for not being able to enjoy real art then I go on and do the same sort of thing. Bleh. Blame the literature teachers of my youth.

The best thing about that project that we had the creative freedom to do whatever we want as long as we only used type, which is why I decided to ditch the regular poster style and do it in a binded book form made of colored tracing paper. The purpose? Ok, let me show off my BS-ing skills (which is why I did so well in literature).

I chose Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” because I could relate to it’s concept much more than most of the poetry I read (and although there was a certain agnostic poem that Onzlo suggested that I really enjoyed, I didn’t want to be shot in the U of J’s ultra-conservative environment).

“The Wall”, at least to me, portrays the fact that our lives, no matter how free we think they are, are actually surrounded by layers upon layers of controls, such as culture, society, our own education, religion, government, and conviction, just to name a few. These controls might not neccessarily be negative, quite the contrary, but I think that it is important that we are at least aware of the fact that we don’t have complete freedom of will over our actions. This is a very complex issue often used to account for atheism, and I will not go into it’s details here, but feel free to Google it for it will certainly provide you with something to think about.

The concept of unawareness and free will in the project were symbolized in form of layers, a trip to self discovery, the cover being the outermost layer, where a person is still ignorant to the realities of life, and the last page being a mirror, where the person on the trip comes face to face with his reflection minus all the controls. Everything in this project is composed of the various lyrics in “The Wall”.

I will put pictures rather than the actual graphic files because I feel like it is more personal this way. There are many pages, most of which are not included. The icons below are put in order, and you will find some more BS-ing (phalsapheh) when you go to the image page.

Click on images in order:

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  1. Amazing! I’m impressed really :D

  2. This looks gorgeous, Roba! Wow.

  3. b.

    We don’t need no thought control.

    Who says that Pink Floyd isn’t art? Or that the lyrics aren’t poetry?

    Really fantastic concept and brilliant design, masha’Allah. Thank you for sharing it…I was wondering what happened to your project and if we’d ever get to see it.

  4. Ill drink to this :D

  5. Wow Roba!
    I’m seeing huge leaps and bounds in your artistic development! This project looks very professional. Congratulations!

  6. wonderfully done

  7. Thank you guys :)

  8. you’re very talented Roba! looks awesome

  9. Anonymous

    Im afraid I dont share the enthusiasm.

    This is clearly not an amature production, yet there is a glaring lack of refinment.

    To me, it is interesting but NOT fascinating.

    I feel you can do much better.

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