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Design Rundown

Did I mention that I love MoCo Loco? It’s probably my favorite design blog around- it’s so deliciously modern. Some stuff that are making me itch for a pencil and a trip to a model-making supply store:


Stella‘s Urban Tableware, inspired by traditional delft, decorated with scenes from the 21st century. My parents have always had a good deal of Dutch friends, which pretty much means that our house has tons and tons of white Dutch delft decorated with blue windmills and cottages (something similiar to image to the left). Seeing such a beautiful medium and ancient art used to represent modernity is just absolutely fantastic.


Here’s another something that blew my mind. It took me a while to believe that these are dumbells, and I’m still not sure as to their ergonomics. Not that it matters… they’re so pretty that I would display them as pieces of art. Like a giant stainless steel muscle fibre they are designed by Henriette Melchiorsen.


Finally, there’s these Bendable Interior Objects tables, lampshades, hangers that you pop out and bend into shape. Wow. I love it so much…

Anyway, I guess this whole paper objects, DIY thing is a trend. More examples from different designers:

I love how minimalistic this is, dubbed the Eclipse lamp and designed by Ronen Kadushin. It’s quite a smart design…


Designed by Mark Mckenna, the designer emulation kits are a fun little DIY project where users can take part in the design process to create your own “design classic” by assembling a tiny kit that resembles a famous design object.


After a trip…


What the toot is happening there?

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  1. those are awesome,

    When I saw the photos first, I thought “How does she get hold of such great designs?” but then I read the link you gave us to MoCo Loco.

    Those dumbells are awesome, I wouldn’t grab them with my sweaty hands! as you said, but I would display it as a piece of art too!

    Great Stuff!
    Keep posting more and more and more. LOL


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