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After a trip…

My brother’s car came back with a beard;


And you thought I was crazy?


Design Rundown


  1. Nas

    im confused

    what does the windshield glass have to do with your brother’s beard?

  2. Oh, no, my brother didn’t go.. only the car did.. and she came back with various stickers.

  3. thats wierd i got confused too the same way as nas i wonder why we are skipping the “car” word…

    lets see who else will do the same mistake too


    5alas it’s the car’s choice Ruba,
    LOL — You should let got of it.

    Probably next time it won’t play any more music CD’s:
    “Please eject Al Aqraas Al Mad3’oo6a Al Faseqa – hehe

    What other stickers it got?


  5. Oops, sorry- please don’t kill me!

    let (go) of it,
    and (Roba)

    sorry for the typos!

  6. Najdi, why all the negativity? Did I say a single bad word about Najd? Don’t mistake my words for unappreciation or whatever. I’ve said this several times, and will continue to say this, Riyadh was my first home, with all its eccentricities and otherwise, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. Perhaps the only reason I never really forged a real bound with Riyadh is because of attitudes such as yours.

  7. Anonymous


    Would you rather an artsy beard? Thinly lined, but never the less still Islamic? Artists grow beards too, why single out Najd? Really?

  8. I have many questions for you:

    1.Why do they make these sticky stuff?And paste on the worst imaginable places?Like the blackboard, your home door ,cars, lefts ,etc! I wish someday I’ll catch someone, I’ll show him how to stick things up ### ###!

    2. Why didn’t your brother fly there? Does he enjoy the Saudi border?Or the toilets at the borders lures him? Or he can’t afford the lavish life of Shemsani kids?

    3. What’s your brother’s stand regarding the whole Danish issue?
    I can see that he tried to take it off?I’m in shock!

    4. I see that the car is not clean. I suggest that he sticks :Buy Danish on his car in responce to that! If he does so, please make a trip to Wehdat, and make sure the sticky is in Arabic.
    I’m sure he won’t need to clean it anymore if he ever gets out of there!

    DISCLAIMER: Don’t blame me if you find this comment lame!It’s not my fault, I’m Jordanian and by default no matter what it gonna be a DABSHEH!

  9. Anonymous

    Roba, I’m the most loyal imaginable follower of your blog but unfortunately can’t read Arabic… Could you please translate the rear window sticker so that we non-Arabs could also get the joke?

  10. Anonymous, thanks you just cheered me up :) It says “Anyone but the Prophet, boycott them”. It’s not much of a joke though…

  11. Anonymous

    A-ha, got the jo… sorry point now… Didn’t cheer meup, though…

    Yours truly and loyally :),


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