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Wein il HiGeen?

Although I’m certainly not paranoid about cleanliness, you will never see me without a good supply of wetwipes (in the trunk), sanitizer (in sachettes in my wallet), and Shout (in the glove compartment). And if a public bathroom trip is absolutely neccesary – God forbid- wetwipes start serving as gloves.
But well, apparently,the wetwipe gloves should be used more often and for different purposes, because public toilet handles and door knobs are actually cleaner twice over when compared to mice at internet cafes!
(Thinks of all the hours I spent at Al-Farouki Internet Cafe in Shmesani)

So here are the dirty half dozen, just in case your mother ever told you otherwise;

1. Shopping cart handles – 1100 CFU per 10 sq cm
2. Internet café computer mouse – 690
3. Bush hand straps – 380
4. Public toilet handles and door knobs – 340 (yeah, yeah, I bet they’ve never visited the bathroom on the Syrian/Jordanian borders).
5. Lift buttons at 130
6. Train hand straps – 86

[via The Age]


The emoticon revolution


And you thought I was crazy?


  1. Thats funny .. i never thought that a computer mouse would get that much of germs ..

    I hate HiGeen .. very bad bottle design!!

  2. Dear, it’s actually good for you!
    It just makes your immunity stronger.

    Though I think the wetwipes can be useful to stuff your nostril with when going into a public “restroom”.

    The toilets at the border, eh? Thank god they were closed when I was in need of them! Though the Syrian officers were not amused seeing me puking near Bashar’s portray! Lol.

    Well ,I understand where you come from (Miss Shmesani), but you are missing a lot! Ode to Raghdan’s Kabab carts, the secret ingredient is the toxic fumes of the buses.

    *FADI: So you think your tooth brush is clean?
    You wouldn’t believe how dirty it is…just google it and enjoy

  3. ohhhh! Disgusting … I will bring my own mouse & keyboard in my next visit to an internet cafe!

  4. I have never gone to internet cafes so I am safe in that department ..

    Public bathrooms … hmmmm .. there lies the big danger .. but use them as scarce as possible …

    Did you know that shaking hands spreads a lot more germs than kissing???

  5. “Did you know that shaking hands spreads a lot more germs than kissing???”

    And you point is, Khalidah?

    BTW, the study did not add anything new. Similar studies were done in the past and they all said something to the effect that keyboards and phone dials have more germs than toilet seats, and sometimes “worse” germs. We even talked about one such study in a class I took in 2002,…and it was not new then.

    I did not mean to burst anyone’s bubble here ;-)

  6. i find subjects like that very enteresting…

    n i do agree with fadi :) that germs strengthen the body immunity, but not the ones that are in nasty places :S ,,,n u dont want to know how many germs there are on the money coins or paper money.they are the worst.

    here is a tip for females out there: try to keep yr hands always away from yr face so the bacteria n germs wont jump to yr face.

  7. Lol!

    Like Firas, I am one of those who believe that this only build immunity! yalla long live immunity!

  8. what about keys,coins and balistrades?

  9. manal, why do you chose to exclude males from your statement?

  10. Haha, raheeb sa7?
    And immunity? Come on.. do we need that much immunity today? :P

  11. Killer Bee Bop

    HiGeen? HAHAHAHA! It’s Hygiene dear, you should be shot in the head now! OMG! The excitement! I know, I know, I just couldn’t resist!

    Oh god, another 3umar Ghzaawi! I don’t mind dirt at all, so spare me.

    And why on earth did you use to go to Internet Cafés? Computer Mice are so frigging dirty. I know that ’cause I have to clean the bottom of everyone I get to use, it’s my obsession, among many others …

    As for the smell, I can easily switch off my nose whenever needed. Most people can actually, but I’m shocked at the number of people that never really use it!

  12. Killer Bee Bop, you’re apparently not aware of the brand :P

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