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And you thought I was crazy?

It’s no big secret that I’m very anal about language. I get pissed off when people use “u”, “r”, and “2” instead of “you”, “are”, and “too”. I get offended when people don’t capitalize the first letter of my name. I get upset when people can’t spell properly (for the love of God, have you heard of spellchecks?) I can’t stand people who replace c’s with k’s and s’s with z’s.

Point is, I’m honestly willing to bitch about the misuse of language for the next hour, listing things you probably never even thought of, like the fact that I think that people who don’t bother capitalizing the pronoun “I” don’t have any self respect and that I think people who get overexcited with punctuation should be shot.

Ah, God. This is making me sound like a complete control freak, which I’m not (just check out the state of my bedroom), but when it comes to what I’m reading, I can’t help it! Among today’s SMS messages of “helowz robz,am goin4cofee,want2cum?” and instant messages along the lines of “roobee i told u that b4!!!!!”, Roba, or Roobee, or whatever you want to call me, is going absolutely crazy.

But wait, you think that’s crazy? Think again, my love. Here’s someone who’s a lot more anal about language;

It doesn’t matter whether you’re reading your local rag, surfing the net or trying to make heads or tails of someone’s inane blog — the quality bar is set lower than ever, which is saying a lot considering it was never set very high to begin with. …

Any number of my acquaintances excuse the bad writing and atrocious punctuation that proliferates in e-mail by saying, in essence, “Well, at least people are writing again.” Horse droppings. People have never stopped writing, although it’s reaching a point where you wish a lot of them would.

The very nature of e-mail (which, along with first cousins IM and text messaging, is an undeniably handy means of chatting) encourages sloppy “penmanship,” as it were. Its speed and informality sing a siren song of incompetent communication, a virtual hooker beckoning to the drunken sailor as he staggers along the wharf.

But it’s not enough to simply vomit out of your fingers. It’s important to say what you mean clearly, correctly and well. It’s important to maintain high standards. It’s important to think before you write.

[Read all of article here]

See? I told you I’m not that crazy. Admittedly, this article made me grin, it made me grin real big (although the bits that involved dissing out technology hurt the technology lover side of me), but I’d never describe newspapers as “rags”, and people’s writings as “horse droppings” and “vomit out of fingers” (probably because I don’t want to get hate mail).


Wein il HiGeen?


What the toot is happening there?


  1. Anonymous

    feral kid!

  2. Anonymous

    i dunt c za broblem her?!
    mayB u just bmsin.

  3. Anonymous

    i thnk this’z soooo damn childish… honey, check out some news, u’ll definetly realize that…blog smthn more importnt

  4. Anonymous, if you want news, I suggest you turn on the television or check out the many different news sites. This blog isn’t for news.

  5. I sometimes get confused reading what others write like that. Proper language is much better, yes.

  6. onzlo

    Ok I agree, but the person in your article severly overpunctuates.

  7. Jad

    Well said Roba,
    “Kalam Gameeel, we Kalaaam ma32oool, Ma2darsh 2a2oool 7aga 3anooo”

  8. Killer Bee Bop

    First of all, let me tell you that I’m completely with you on this 100%, very annoying.

    But hey, that guy you quoted said nothing different, so don’t worry here, your very notion of writing this post should earn you your portion of hate-mail, the only difference is that HE pulled it off way better than you did! With all due articulacy and eloquence for such a subject dealing with the quality of language itself!

    “Anal”? Are you sure about that word?

    And what he meant by “Horse Droppings” is the remark his acquaintances usually give when he “bitches” about poor language and writing practices. Simply replace it with our everyday “bullshit”.

    1st Anonymous, bmsin? What?
    3rd Anonymous, if you want utter “bullshit”, turn on the TV, ’cause that’s all you’ll get …

    P.S.: I like your “Buy Danish” new logo! But maybe you should place it in a more convenient location so more people can see it. Wait a minute, did I miss the whole point here? Chicken!

  9. I must admit to writing badly and throwing away all vowels when using SMS’s, simply because I’m a ka7toute who wants to save every possible character before the message extends to two! But it really pisses me off when I read texts like that on blogs or the internet in general- it’s like insulting the reader.

  10. Good day Roba:
    I find while writting informative articles its not proper to type in a slang form, or even to have spelling mistakes and miss placed puncuation marks. Nether the less, not using the write form to phrase a sentence.
    But when sending messages and commenting its nice to loosen up and add a bit of your character, because it reflects to some level your personality, either by using short sentences, being rude with words or by using so many smilies.

    any way i feel now like those people who eats pizza with a fork n a knife hmmm…well i hope this is not the way u want us always to type, i just did it this time for u :) n yes some people do exaggerate with using the u, n, r, 2, 4, and the “Luv”

    but you, as a person that get offended when people dont capitalize the first letter of your name…girl, capitalize yr own R in roba, that wont look good especially u r blogging about it ;)

  11. O.A.

    u r tellin me that u got offended every time “i” write like dis… y not tell me from b4 :P

    just playin….

    P.S. by the manal yusuf you can not capitalize your name when you comment on a message, you should check your facts before you speak

  12. hmmm i never new that…my initials were ment to be in small letters so i never noticed, but i noticed today that u cant leave a space at the begining of a paragraph…n if anyone want want to comment i know that i forgot the apostrophes in the (its)

  13. “want2cum”? That’s a sexual phrase in English. Whoever wrote that deserves a punch in the face.

  14. Rania, precisely :) Insults! Well put…

    Killer Bee Bop, yeah, look it up ;) various meanings :P

    Dave, LOL, that’s exactly the point :P It’s terrible! People don’t know what they’re writing.

  15. roba, between this post and the last post, ehh…I don’t want to say you are crazy but….yeahhhhhh!!!

  16. Brain Graft Surgeon

    Ya Roba ,anal relating to the anus!!!and pissed off not far from anal .
    Yet you dislike U 2 capitalize Z first letter of ur name,
    Anal +Pissed Off
    what a brain ,brand new never been used before.

  17. Brain Graft Surgeon, please double check your information before you redicule others. First, look up “anal” will you?

  18. Mohammad Karim, why are you promoting your pictures on a blog you dislike?

  19. Mohamed, it is out of character for me to edit because I believe in freedom of expression. I only edited the comment because you were promoting yourself on this space while also expressing your dislike for it.

  20. i still like it!

    you something, only Jordanian Blogs selectively edit comments out.

  21. Allah yesam7ek, promoting what? I was refereeing to the pictures as they are part of this linguistic discourse! Which in turn, a reflect of our culture. As far as you’re Blog, I told u before that I like the expressive images that you post (although the technical aspect of your photography did improve in the past 12 months). Yet, I still think, it reflects a “tafaha” syndrome that is provoking in many aspects. Your freedom of expression is highly selective to your standard, which is a”self defeating notion”! Ya3ni like George Bush notion of freedom :)

    I do apologies if I offended you; however, I think the comment should be posted again.

  22. Tareq

    Definately.. Those people piss me off, also, I REALLY don’t like the people who put the period or question mark or whatnot after a space, example: Ah how are you ?, and the excess of question/exclamation marks.. OMG!!!! REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?!?! After a while, you learn a lesson that you have to ignore each and every single one of those :D

  23. givunas

    Try e.e. cummings. You’ll love him :)

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