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The emoticon revolution

I’ve already ranted about how much I hate smilies– should I remind you?

Hell, whoever brought them hence forth out of the 70’s and into the new millennium needs to be tossed into a yellow cell for the rest of his life. THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

Why internet smileys should be boycotted:

1. They are too yellow. Yellow. YELLOW!
2. They’re too overenthusiastic.
3. They’re all cross eyed.
4. They are drawn by jerks who CAN’T DRAW!
5. They are over animated in a sense that I feel like whacking them on the face with my 800-paged Lord of the Rings hardcover book.
6. They negate a phrase’s meaning, turn it upside down, inside out, and leave the reader in semantic anarchy.
7. People use them instead of words, which are so much more interesting.
8. They are drawn by people with NO IMAGINATION!
9. Sometimes, they BLINK!!! Argh!
10. Their colors don’t match. At all.

Yeah, well, switch over (as in the opposite) all those reasons and you’ll see why this made me grin:


danwade’s new work, emoticon riffs on the personal and emotional aspects of our daily digital expression, where we’ve resorted to using a series of grammatical elements to communicate how we feel to others. [Cool Hunting]

Cool. I like. I seriously hope this is the start of the end of the ugly yellow smiley.


*Spoken in a calm thoughtful voice*


Wein il HiGeen?


  1. well…dont you think that using them increases the probability of people reading your email or blog get your mood the right way?! :D

    btw: ur blog looks so dark from this country! I have to highlight the text to be able to read a red font over a maroon background!

  2. Lol, you’re so ANTI-smiley! Good thing people wont start to boycott u:p (now that smiley came just right in

    Seriouisly, sometimes the sentence is too blunt, or needs to be picked up somehow and hte smiley comes perfectly in time!

    Guess its a mahjoobian disease, we use too many smilies

  3. LooooL .. Nice one Roba…..BUT Here are my three reasons why you should stop complaining about this issue:

    1. YOU USED YELLOW smiley faces and emotions more than anyone while writing your comments on Nas post “A Valentines Day Fadfedah and/or Rant”

    You scored 2 smiley faces :) the only one scoring more than you was Nas with 3, but hey..he’s the owner of the blog, so I didn’t count him in!

    2. As you said you already ranted about it.

    3. You have many other important things to do? Don’t you have a graduation project to work on? or you have 2 emails from me to reply on or something :)

    Please don’t hate me for such a comment :D i hope you are smiling now…if not then your next post might be: 10 reasons why i hate Bashar….mmmm..not a bad idea though!!

  4. Girl,
    You have an unhealthy hate of smilies, I suggest you run that by a shrink (not one that prescribes laughter as a cure thou).
    P.S. the logo is cool.

    I went years without using smilies and abbreviations… but some how I am unconsciously being sucked in!

  5. Hani, yeah :( mahoweh they block every single picture sharing site bil 7ayah! I’m going to fix that soon hopefully…

    Ohoud, static smileys are ok ;)

    Bashar, what emails? I did reply. You didn’t come.

    Keko, don’t give in man :P

  6. Tareq

    Roba, check

    Most of these are wicked.. MOST not all.

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