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I told you so…

Thinking with hearts rather than with brains yields unneeded consequences.


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  1. two wrongs don’t make it right

  2. SC, when did I say anything about it being right?
    This is the other side of takhalof.

  3. O.A.

    to tell u the truth if i saw any guy wearing that shirt i would beat the crap out of him…

  4. Roba,
    Now that you have the gumption to reprint the galling cartoon, we are going to call for the boycotting your blog. Lol.

  5. it’s a right wing company,so that was expected.

  6. Thinking with brains!! Where are these brains? This is more saracastic than the cartoons are.

  7. Nas

    resist, but dont resist

    stand up, but do it sitting down

    speak up, but do it with your mouth closed

    maybe we might as well should in a time and palce when our dignity is reduced to 100% polyester. when our religion is printed in taiwanese sweat shops.


    where are the mousepads?

  8. ya allah this thing is getting worse n more worse everyday day… if just some people act as how they like to be treated then we wouldnt have this problem from the first place….i guess it has nothing with freedom of speach..
    some was waiting for this to burst

    as i learned from my prophet n Allah …i say “Allah yesami7hum”
    the translations May Allah forgive u

  9. I see this as a direct result of the uproar surrounding this issue. The more it gets touted publicly, the more it will be maligned and exploited.

    As far as this issue is concerned, rest assured that Mohammed isn’t the only one with his own defamatory t-shirt.

  10. Roba, I didn’t say you said that, I’m just saying that nothing justify such an outrageous act.

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